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Kill Yourself to Win: Life Goes On Out Today on Steam

Usually, it’s detrimental to the plot when your character takes a fall into a pit full of spikes. In Life Goes On, it’s the only way to win.


Puzzle Strike: Bag of Chips Review

You and your opponent stand eye to eye. You’ve fought long and hard to be here, and victory is almost in your grasp. You have to be as quick as the coursing river, have the strength of a great typhoon… All in order to make sure that your opponent’s personal game of Tetris is ruined. 735 more words

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12 Life Tricks 2048 Puzzle Game Would Teach You

” The most addictive puzzle game!” – Googe Playstore

I was hooked the moment I played it. Gamer and strong-willed in nature, I spent the first few hours playing,  wanting to prove that I could bit this game. 687 more words


Tiny Marble's "Burds" is live in the App Store and doing great!

Go, little burdies, go! Burds, the addictive puzzle game created by Justin Cooper and Troy Sandal at Tiny Marble, is currently featured in the “Best New Games” category in the App Store. 122 more words

2048 Puzzle Game

 “Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!”

This puzzle game is the #1 free app in the app store! The game has 16 tiles, and you start with two tiles with either a ’2′ or a ’4′. 263 more words


Trios Review - A Different Kind of Match 3 Game (iOS)

You may have seen a couple of these new number puzzle games on the App Store, specifically a game called Threes and another called 2048. Basically these utilize a sliding type gameplay mechanism to solve puzzles. 569 more words

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3 incredibly addictive Android games available outside of Google Play

Android is getting amazingly popular and as a result there’s a huge number of games released all the time, most of them sadly not worth your time. 407 more words