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6 Piece Interlocking .925 Sterling Silver Puzzle Band Ring - Sizes 6-12

This brand new item is made of solid sterling silver and carries the .925 markings. Six bands have been assembled together to form this unique puzzle ring. 43 more words

seven red lines

Published on May 5, 2014
How to draw seven red lines, all perpendicular, some with green ink, some with transparent ink, and one in the form of a kitten. 77 more words


Bubble Shift

In Bubble Shift, the objective of the game is to collect as many coins possible and exit the level in the quickest time as humanly possible. 33 more words

Flash Bombs

In Flashbombs, you have to click like a maniac on a bomb to create a chain of explosions of the same colour as that bomb. To score bonus points and get a high score, try to get as many chain explosions as you can, before your time runs out! 35 more words

Hamster Ball

In Hamster Ball, the objective of the game is to move the hamsterball to the orange flag and stop there as quickly as possible. Make sure you avoid the spikes and pitfalls so the poor hamster doesn’t die. 25 more words

A Puzzle Timelapse

As the Creative Arts Intern at Grace Church, I usually have the freedom to explore different mediums of film for the sake of visual communication. This week’s sermon is based upon the idea of the Body of Christ – How all of God’s followers can come together and work as one singular entity to further His kingdom. 58 more words


218 and Level 6

  • 218 is a composite number.
  • Factor pairs: 218 = 1 x 218 or 2 x 109
  • Prime factorization: 218 = 2 x 109
  • The exponents in the prime factorization are 1 and 1.
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