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Thoughts on time and the universe

Time… Passes quickly.
Even more so than i expected…
I wasted the majority of my life… Trying to build myself to face death, rather than enjoy my childhood. 774 more words


Find the human ?

Saw a lot of street performances and busks in Spain. This one was a little tricky. We were trying to find out which one was human or if both were and we were checking  for a long time and almost gave up but finally I got to see it just by fluke. 19 more words


New quiz question 4/17. Expires 4/18 at 11PM. Bet now if you know the answer.

Question: There are fourteen socks in a room with you, and you are blind. A few of the socks are white, some of the socks are red, and several of the socks are blue. 206 more words

Jigsaw, Keeping my mind in check

So it is easter and after easting comes exam-period at least in my department and I am housesitting so I don’t have my PS3 to play with. 161 more words

Game Of Thrones

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Puzzle Band Ring(Sizes 5,6,7,8,9,10)

This puzzle ring comes with 4 individual interlocking bands that are fit together to form a Celtic twist. We cannot take the ring back if it is apart, so if you decide to take the ring apart, be aware that it can be quite a challenge to put back together.

Uncharted Drake's Fortune

    Uncharted Drake’s Fortune is a third person, action adventure, platform game created by Naughty Dog (Currently my 2nd favorite gaming company right behind Ubisoft). 326 more words

An Acute Problem

Prove that for an acute angled triangle ABC sinA + sin B + sin C > 2.

This is a problem that was posed to me at a meeting of the Further Maths Support Programme (@ 311 more words