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Save your sanity by setting up a mock greenhouse or shed from PVC pipes

The Dana way to site a greenhouse or shed.

I’ve been losing sleep (no really I’ve woken up and been out in the backyard at 3 AM like some crazy person) trying to figure out where hubby’s shed and my future greenhouse can go in the backyard.   220 more words

Why Galvanized pipe fittings should be used?

Galvanized steel will be steel with a defensive zinc covering. This covering has numerous focal points over different techniques used to secure steel, and it makes… 432 more words

Pipe Fitting

Advantages of PVC Pipe Fitting

PVC pipe fitting is something that is well known to the people as a great material for plumbing and other activities. It is made out of “Polyvinyl Chloride”. 427 more words

Pipe Fitting

Quality Assured MS Pipe Fitting

Pipe fitting is a type of fitting used for connecting, extending, redirecting or terminating a pipe run. There is a plethora of pipe fitting and components that you will find in the industry, including… 418 more words

Pipe Fitting

PVC Pipes Manufacturers

PVC Pipes Manufacturers

Spectra are known in market for PVC Pipes Manufactures and supplying a wide range of PVC pipes, pipes and fittings, water containers and storage tanks. 167 more words