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Random musings of my mind.

Okay. So there is no rhyme or reason for today’s #dblog, it is merely a collection of thoughts and comments for which I cannot write a whole post about and have just been on my mind. 647 more words

Make It Happen

Varnavi is an Intern from Christ University Bangalore, and has been interning with Enable India since April 2014. Coming from a Media and Communication background Varnavi is working on communicating the message of EnAble India to a wider audience. 703 more words


Initial findings from #DIYPS after 100 days and comparing it to a bionic pancreas

#DIYPS + @danamlewis = as good as a bionic pancreas! Reduced avg. BG & time spent <60mg/dl. Details: http://bit.ly/1qF6qRp @scottleibrand


Recently, diaTribe published a summary of results… 1,114 more words


#DIYPS and Pizza, and wondering why we judge people with diabetes for how and what they eat

What’s your reaction if you read that someone with Type 1 diabetes just ate 110 carbs worth of pizza for dinner?

Go ahead, answer the question out loud (or write it down) before continuing. 575 more words


Marian Rivera, sumugod sa Kongreso

ANG DAMING nagulat sa pagdating ni Marian Rivera sa Kongreso nu’ng nakaraang Lunes ng umaga.
Kasi si Marian pala, naimbitahan ng grupo ng mga PWD o Persons With Disability para maging Ambassador for Women and Children With Disabilities. 12 more words


The D Word

I have been pondering on this particular subject for a number of weeks but have been disinclined to write about it until today. It seems, much like the old #teampump vs #teamMDI debate, that within the DOC there is another issue with… 540 more words

Singles, Healthy People of the World… Please DON'T take the elevator! :)

Please note that this is not a complain shout out. This is a simple honest plea from a mom of twins who experienced some challenges in her grocery shopping and dining at the malls because the elevators were always full not with people with disability (PWD) nor with mommas like me but with singles and all perfectly-able human beings who can take the escalator. 132 more words