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Playing with Make-up | Dark lips (+ easy DIY)

Good morning loves,
today I’m introducing a new feature with you guys: Playing with Make-up. Playing with my make-up is something I often do. I make the craziest looks, smokey eyes, bold liners etcetera. 312 more words


16 channel PWM Dimmer code

Managed to find some time over the weekend to get some coding done for the dimmer (was called “controller” but I thought this would be confusing in the end so now it is “dimmer”, more theatery). 930 more words


Running Golang on the Intel Edison

While most embedded development is still done in C and/or assembly, some people are working with more modern languages. The team over at Gobot has successfully managed to get… 134 more words

Software Hacks

The Dimmer

I played around with a few setups for the part of the system that will actually control the LED lighting but everything always ended up messy from a cabling point of view and, as all good development projects go, unmaintainable for anyone else let alone useful for anyone out in the world to try an replicate. 574 more words


PWM breakout

After starting off thinking that the on board Arduino Mega’s 14 PWM pins would be enough, I quickly found that this would never work. Apart from The starting limit of 14, pretty much any extra shield you plug is wants one or more of these pins. 444 more words


Here's one I prepared earlier

Skipping ahead a little bit, I have run all the cabling for lights, switches and networks.

For switches, I was using CAT5 Ethernet cable but int he end didn’t like it for the use even though it would be greatly flexible for future additions of POE (Power-over-ethernet) networked devices for control but I figured that there are other ways to do this. 463 more words

Another Pit Stop - Software PWM

I’ll be travelling for a couple of weeks and no hardware work.  I’ll be bringing a copy of the arduino version of the code though and some of my notes on software PWM. 696 more words