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Electric Longboard First Assembly

My next project an electric motor powered longboard.

Bill of Materials for this project (Prices as at Jan 2014)


Servo Control

I have successfully managed to set up two PWM channels on Timer 9 on the the STM32F4 Discovery board. These then go on to drive the PCM inputs of the servos using a TI CD4504 level shifting IC to go from the 3.3v Board to the 5v for the servos.

MEng Project

Mengatur Intensitas Cahaya LED menggunakan PWM

Sebelum membuat percobaan yang ini, kita sebaiknya mengetahui sedikit tentang PWM, pokonya all about PWM, mungkin bisa dicari dulu di mbah gugel PWM itu kaya gimana. 121 more words


Portland, ME: The Forest City

J-Squared Travel enjoyed the Great Plains and are back on the road to The Forest City: Portland, ME. There are two major cities in the United States named Portland and they are on opposite sides of the country from each other. 366 more words

Pi CookBook: 10.1 - Controlling Servo Motors

This exercise is rather simple – it just connects a server motor to the pi, using an external power supply to run the motor, a wire to GPIO pin 18 to control the servo and a script based on the one in 9.2, using a gui slider to control the angle of the servo. 71 more words


Working with PWM on a BeagleBone Black

I recently figured out how to enable and set PWM pins on a BlackBone Black rev. C running debian with a test image dated 2014/12/19. I got the image from… 902 more words