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THP Semifinalist: A Haptic Vest With 48 Vibration Motors

For his entry to The Hackady Prize, is building a haptic vest for gamers and the visually impaired. It’s exactly what you think it is: a vest with proximity sensors and motors that wrap around the wearer, providing haptic feedback of nearby obstacles. 154 more words

The Hackaday Prize

Improving feedback for fan

I wanted to look at the step response of the fan and of the heater, so that I could see if I could derive somewhat reasonable control parameters by theory, rather than by cut-and-try parameter fiddling.  1,118 more words


Putting the heater in a box

Continuing the saga of the incubator project in the recent posts:


Controlling the heater and fan

Here is the circuit for the heater and fan that I’ve been developing for incubator project for the freshman design course:

Yesterday and this morning, when I was developing the controller software for the fan and resistive heater, I ran into a lot of problems with overshoot when changing the setpoints. 1,297 more words


PWM heater and fan continued

Yesterday I gave myself the following to-do list:

  • Check the VDS voltage at 4A on the nFET. Is the on-resistance still much too high?

    Yes, with the 1.8Ω resistor I get 110mV across the FET with 8.372V across the resistor, so at 4.65A I’m seeing an on-resistance of 24mΩ, still much higher than the 10mΩ I was expecting, but closer than I was getting yesterday at 1A.

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PWM heater and fan

Now that I have a power resistor and heatsink, and have verified that my power supply is capable of delivering 50W, I can try making a thermal control system for an incubator box as I hope to get the freshman design class to do. 1,610 more words


Creating PWM on the XW-P1 and XW-G1

We’re still finding exciting ways to make new sounds on the XW-series.

In HexLayer mode the XW-P1 is essentially a sample based instrument. The waveforms it provides are digital recordings. 421 more words