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DECEMBER BUSINESS... I've been busy

I decided to start my supply purge in December. This was a great time to make gifts for the holidays and to also use up a bunch of supplies. 377 more words


A PILE OF FABRIC SCRAPS...the beginning

This pile of fabric scrapes was collected over a span of 2 years. The pieces where no larger then 11″ x 17″, mostly cut into wonky shapes. 18 more words


Redlining Your CPU via Automotive Tachometer

Many CPU-usage widgets have stylistically borrowed from vehicles, displaying something mimicking the tachometer found in the dashboard. took it a step further and tried his hand at re-borrowing this style. 271 more words

Raspberry Pi

My new friend, Atmel Studio, and how easy everything is when you can see clear

This article is in a series about making a shelf with lights controlled by an AVR.
Read about 
 - designing and building the book-case
 - … 928 more words

PWM Based LED Driver

It has been quite some time since my last post – as often happens, life intervenes and this time just a bit too much hospital time both for myself and one of my kids. 883 more words


Easy and Effective Way to Measure PWM... Without a Scope!

Sometimes when a project is coming together, you need to cobble a tool together to get it completed. Whether it’s something very involved, like building a 3D printer to fabricate custom parts, or something relatively simple, like wiring a lightbulb and a battery together to create a simple continuity checker, we’ve all had to come up with something on the fly. 163 more words

Tool Hacks

PWM을 이용하여 모터 구동하기

1. 아두이노 보드와 아두이노 모터 쉴드를 이용하여 모터 구동하기.

- 구성물

Arduino mega board, arduino motor shield, PC cooling fan, 모터 구동용 어댑터. 74 more words