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Transmitting PRBS Signal

Question: Can a PRBS sequence be sent by Radio Frequency?

Following a PRBS sequence been generated I wanted to carry out a basic test to see if this sequence could be sent using the set of RF transmitter and receiver. 222 more words


Pulse width modulation and persistence of vision

I’m looking at RGB LED drivers and as a side piece I’ve been getting clued up on pulse width modulation (PWM) and persistence of vision… 165 more words


Controlling motors with the Beaglebone Black

My first goal was to get the Beaglebone using the DRV8833 to drive the two micro motors forward: that seemed like an achievable start (if that wasn’t possible this was going to be a pretty short-lived hobby). 2,599 more words


The Need for Car Rental Companies

With increased visibility, a good web presence and ease of hiring a Jetport taxi cab, car rental companies are making merry with the swell in number of travelers. 515 more words

Energy saving tips for Sugar mills by BEE certified Elion Consultants

In the conventional Sugar Mills, various equipment are operated in variable speed. Generally speed variation is by eddy current whose efficiency is around 60% at 80% operating speed. 32 more words

My Very First (Crappy) Synthesizer

About a year and a half ago, I started thinking about synths. I bought an Arduino Uno and started designing my very first crappy synthesizer. 384 more words