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Programming with Python: Installing Python and Eclipse on Your Computer

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to begin relearning programming with the Python language. In this post I will simply go through installing Python as well as Eclipse with PyDev, which is the program I will be using to edit and run Python code. 964 more words


PyDev Python Plugin (IDE) for Eclipse

  1. http://www.easyeclipse.org/site/distributions/python.html
  2. Extract it and navigate to the extracted directory
  3. Double click on eclipse runnable
  4. Select Python Interpreter upon first time use as in step 5…
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How to use eclipse IDE for Python development [07.06.2014]

I recently started playing around with Python. And I think IDLE is good to test things or write single scripts, but if you are about to start a larger project, eclipse is always a good decision to go with.  610 more words