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Pygame - Scrabble Cheater

After the awesome Skillshare class that I completed, I decided to post a photo of my code for the scrabble cheater here. I had a lot of fun in this class and it was a great introductory course to Python. 10 more words

Voice-controlled mixing desk on Raspberry Pi

Now that Arkwood is a bling bling rap star (see previous post for the hot hip hop vid), he wants his own home studio. ‘No problem,’ I told him, ‘I will code you up a cutting edge mixing desk.’ … 506 more words


Parallax problems resolved, a lesson in list manipulation

If you read my previous post from yesterday you’ll know that I had an odd problem involving jerkiness with scrolling backgrounds in my latest prototype. After asking on several forums I eventually got a response on StackOverflow that quickly nailed the issue. 329 more words


Hot hip hop video on Raspberry Pi

Arkwood wants to be a rap star. Problem is, he is a scrawny little Belgian with acne. ‘Not to worry,’ I stated confidently, ‘I will create you a bling rap video with a foxy voice.’ Armed with my Raspberry Pi and the Python programming language, I set about turning my buddy into a pimp dope ass… 571 more words


DEMO #1: Scrolling City Skyline - python/pygame

I learned something about myself today, I’m technically useless in the morning. I’ve always suspected this. Every so often I read articles for creatives extolling the virtues of getting things done early in the day. 998 more words


Python/Pygame- Awarding Belts

Sorry for not posting for a while but as the group have been working on their own games for the past few weeks we haven’t looked at any new concepts. 108 more words