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Experimenting with Pygame #3: Mario Returns

Hi Guys, welcome again to another fascinating part in Experimenting with pygame. In this part I am not going to disappoint you guys. You are actually going to build user interactive game today. 928 more words

Experimenting with Pygame #2: Superman Returns :)

Hi Guys. Welcome to the pygame experimentation. Continuing from the previous post, we saw how to print a Hello world like text in the pygame window. 668 more words

Experimenting with Pygame #1: My First Program

Games fascinates all including me :). Playing games is something dear to me like python. This actually inspired me to learn Game Development with my favorite language. 809 more words

Combining Pyglet and ecs the Entity System

Entity Systems have fascinated me for a while, the idea of being able to effectively turn anything into anything else with a few removals and additions of components makes me happy. 97 more words


Wot I dun: standing waves on a string project

Wot I’m doing

Note: This project is still in progress. Working in short bursts of an hour or two after an inspiring day sorting post doesn’t seem to be the most efficient way to produce decent work! 3,230 more words

Documenting My Learning Process and More

I decided it might be a good idea to document the process it takes for me to learn python programming and pygame programming. I am taking a class here in a couple days to help me learn both python and pygame, and I am actually pretty excited to learn some sort of game programming. 519 more words

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