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Python Games – Week 11:More Ping Pong

In the Python Games group today we continued working on our ping pong games. We will spend another session on them.

There won’t be any Python Games session next Saturday the 31st of January but we will be back the following Saturday the 07th of February.


Learning Python With Tron Radio

has built his share of Arduino projects, but never anything with Python, and certainly never anything with a GUI. After listening to Internet radio one day, a new idea for a project was born: a Raspberry Pi with a small touchscreen display for a UI and displaying soma.fm tracks. 151 more words

Digital Audio Hacks

Python Games – Week 10: Ping Pong game

As we have covered most of the concepts required to make games using Pygame I won’t be doing any more slideshows instead we will spend all of our time writing games from now on. 51 more words

Python Beginners

Python Games – Week 9: Moving sprites

Today in the python games group we learned more about moving our sprites. We used the Pygame rotate method to rotate our sprites and we used trigonometry to control our sprites movement. 29 more words

Python Beginners

Python Games – Weeks 8: Adding audio and health bars

Apologies for the delay in posting the notes from yesterday. In the Python Games group we finally finished our Ocean Cleaner game which we are looking forward to demonstrating to everybody next Saturday. 41 more words


Problème d'interprétation du clavier azerty pour Pygame sous Windows

Apparemment, sous Windows, Pygame s’attend à ce que vous ayez un clavier type Qwerty (sûrement américain d’ailleurs).

De ce fait, si vous taper sur la touche ‘a’, c’est bien le signal ‘K_q’ qui est envoyé à Pygame. 146 more words

Comment installer la bibliothèque pygame 1.9.2 pour Python 3.3.5 (vieille version) sous Debian

Pour les besoins d’un cours, j’ai dû installer une vieille version de Python, justement pour des raisons de compatibilité avec la bibliothèque pygame de toute dernière version (1.9.2) (soit disant, c’est plus compatible et plus facile à installer, mais ça, c’est pour les utilisateurs de Windows…). 359 more words