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July 28th

So I bought Dave some hulk Pyjamas today and he said he didn’t want the top! Yay!!!

One A Day

A Leap of Faith

You may remember previous mentions on this blog of developments which were taking their time to develop. Well, they’re finally finished (I nearly put an elaborate analogy here about photographs, chemical baths, and dark rooms until it occurred to me that nobody under the age of 25 would know what I was talking about). 412 more words

The Heartland Of The Winter

Sweet Dreams

As much as I love this time of year, the hot and muggy weather can make it almost impossible to sleep at night. Our bedroom windows have been permanently open since June and the poor old duvet has been completely abandoned. 76 more words


July 22nd

My new beautiful hello kitty Pyjamas.

One A Day

A summer sales haul!

C: as it was my first day off work (week off wahooo!) and my birthday week I thought I would pop in to town, get some jobs done and have a look around the sales. 269 more words


Winter essentials for a day in

While the upper half of the globe is celebrating the sun bathing and vacationing, us folk down the other end, are crouched beside their heaters. If you’re like me and absolutely detest cold temperatures, thunder storms and groggy, dark weather, then here are some useful tips that help make the most of this weather. 209 more words

Lorraine Meets Margot in Pyjamas

I needed a pair of pyjamas for my summer trips and was inspired by the movie “The Help” (great movie BTW) and the sixties pyjamas in one of the scenes. 120 more words