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surrealism and symbolism: vortex with peaceful landscape replaces hellish mood

many symbols related to religious archetypes in this surreal picture. We see a hellish landscape dominated by burning objects and fire being replaced by a dream and peaceful landscape rising from a vortex. 35 more words

Digital Art

CAIRO: Leave Me Alone!

There is a psychological disorder known as “Paris Syndrome.” It usually effects Japanese visitors to Paris who are so disappointed by the reality of Paris that it shatters all of their preconceived illusions of what it’s going to be like. 2,005 more words


CAIRO: Enchanted

137 years ago, Amelia Edwards wrote a delightful narrative of her journey up the Nile River called A Thousand Miles Up The Nile. It is lengthy, but charming, and surely only of interest to those who have a certifiable passion for Egyptology. 2,900 more words


An Introduction to the 'High-rachy'

The ‘High-rachy‘ is a term I coined myself (someone might have before though), which is quite simply the hierarchy within the high school community of students. 145 more words


Picnic in the Desert

Have you ever seen an old movie where people are attending an elegant picnic, complete with china, crystal, and servants?  Basically, everything you would have in your dining room (if you were wealthy) except outside?  71 more words