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Tips for training bipeds

These tips are written for puppies, but I think they can be adapted for general use by any quadrupeds wishing to train a biped. I’ve based them on my own experiences of the things that have worked for me. 527 more words

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

My puppy is a thief!

I am answering a Frequently Barked Question: How do I stop my puppy from stealing things?

I have been told about puppies running away with items of clothing when their bipeds are getting dressed, puppies running off with the remote control when their bipeds want to watch television, puppies unpacking the children’s school bags and puppies taking and chewing shoes – to name but a few things these rascals are getting up to. 618 more words

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

A walk on the healthy side

Going for a walk is one of the highlights of my day. Most people know that the exercise is beneficial to dogs and humans, but I think a walk is about so much more than getting some exercise so I’m going to talk about some of the other benefits. 609 more words

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Living with a Pyrenean

It’s hot! There is no other word for it. Even the dog prefers to be indoors rather than out! Hubby had fenced off an area in the backyard so that Zack could go out and enjoy some fresh Lakeland air. 505 more words

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The male biped was putting things away in the kitchen and the female biped had gone outside. I decided the cats had the right idea and it was a good time for a nap. 519 more words

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

World Cup Fever

Thank you for your understanding and good wishes last week. The female biped was a little under the weather. I kept a very close eye on her and did everything possible to help her until I’d nursed her back to health. 564 more words

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Nanouk :: Pyrenean Mountain Dog :: Dept 32 in the Gers :: Adopted!

Nanouk is lonely and his owner wants to find him a good home!  This is a chance to invite a wonderful companion into your life! 320 more words

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