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Christmas 2014, Pt.1

We spend the holidays at our parental units’ places, so we try to do Christmas a little early at our house. We chose this morning (Sunday) to start the festivities! 245 more words

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When you close your eyes

It’s dark

All of you

And that, I suppose,

Is what God intended

When I close my eyes

The eager flames… 50 more words


Dangerous Beliefs

We set fire against fire
taking away the fuel
that the main fire would reach for
if left to its own devices.

We shared a commonality… 62 more words


My Fire Is Burning Out.

So… as I think you guys may know, I am a dance major in college. Every semester, the dance department puts on a concert, one in fall by faculty and one in spring by seniors. 374 more words


When the mud boiled --

– steam rose from the Kennel Field and drifted over flaming puddles.  The whole town had turned out but the flames were so high and the heat so great that 3000 souls, un-marshalled, stood back in a perfect circle 30 yards from the fire and the moon looked down from a safe distance. 197 more words


Creative Writing Prompt: 1920s; pyromania - Scene

I remember that night like it was yesterday… June 12th, 1923. Prohibition hit the United States hard a few years before that, making everything and everyone go underground. 211 more words


Dancing With Fire

27 of 31 OctPoWriMO

It’s late, but on time :)

Little Tommy had always been mentally afflicted
Twice he was arrested and then later committed… 212 more words