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Little Inferno (Wii U)

Puzzlers are one of the simplest gaming genres, yet allows for the most versatility. Puzzle Bobble, Myst, Tetris, Buster Bros., and The Unfinished Swan remains some of the best known titles of the genre. 405 more words


What Do You Get When You Mix Dynamite and Nitroglycerin?

I am a scientist. I am Dr. Isaiah Lavell Kehl.

I do not take things seriously.

Scientists don’t say what if I add nitroglycerin and dynamite together, do they? 13 more words

Funny Things Kids Say

Isaiah on Fire Control

Do you really think you should fight fire with fire?

Don’t you think you should fight fire with water?


Funny Things Kids Say

Day Forty-One: A Rant

Nearly tore my printer to shreds today while trying to print my work thus far. Why is it you only run out of ink when you’re desperate to print something? 147 more words


Top Ten Favorite Def Leppard Songs

10. Slang from Slang: An upbeat rocker.

9. Paper Sun from Euphoria: An angsty rocker.

8. She’s Too Tough from Retroactive: A great anthem for women. 103 more words

Isaiah on Dynamite

Come on, it’s a Free Country! A kid can’t even own dynamite???

Funny Things Kids Say