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Drop the Bass and Watch the Pyrotechnics

Fysikshow, A Danish Youtuber built a flaming board that responds to soundwaves to generate awesome pyrotechnics displays. Basically it’s a board, or two-dimensional plane of a Ruben’s Tube. 134 more words

Welcome to Liuyang, China

Boom goes the fireworks!!!

Ever wonder where fireworks were born?

Liuyang, China is the world’s largest manufacturer of fireworks and the birthplace of fireworks.  China alone produces 90% of the global fireworks supply and the city of Liuyang is at the center, producing 60% of China’s annual pyrotechnic exports.  108 more words

I'd Like To Talk To You

I’d like to talk to you about pencil sharpeners and silent partners about pyrotechnics the Pacers and the New York Knicks flies and tics and the Russian Sputniks I’d like to converse on the Allegheny days that are rainy Dick Chaney and people who are zany I’d love to talk to you about things that expire people who overly perspire houses on fire plus a terrible liar I’d be glad to discuss beer on tap a bad rap tree sap and people who have the clap  I ought to express my thoughts on oil gushers theater ushers congregation hushers aging household pets loud guests and anonymous threats Can I orate about scribbled notes fur coats rolled oats and sunken boats hypnosis the Bible and Moses big noses red roses and maybe silicosis Let us open the discussion on swamis gummies momies the Sunday funnies and on Little Miss Muffet and her tuffet and Warren Buffett and and all those uncouth people who tell you to stuff it I’d like to arrange discourse on an intern Pluto and Saturn  a guy name of Vern and that trust you have to earn On detente an old familiar haunt and on the Spartans those Tartans and all the cardboard cartons  What would you like to talk about Let me know Give me a shout


Happy Opening Day!!

Baseball and Fireworks!!! What a perfect pair!

 Today marks a great day for all baseball enthusiasts as it is Opening Day 2014. Baseball teams across the country will open up their official 2014 season today and most will start with a bang! 489 more words

You Don't have to Be Outside to Have a Fireworks Display!

When it comes to fireworks displays, there are two types: outdoor fireworks and close proximity fireworks.

The difference between outdoor fireworks and close proximity fireworks is the way they are designed and made. 535 more words


A History of Fireworks: From Fearsome Weapons to Family Entertainment

Did you know…

Fireworks originally started out as weapons?

The first use of true rockets is thought to have been around 1232. Back then, the Chinese and the Mongols were at war with each other. 435 more words


How Do You Produce a Spectacular Fireworks Display?

Everyone enjoys a great Fireworks Display. However, few people have an appreciation for the hours of planning and precision that go into creating a successful Display. 450 more words