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Music of the Spheres

A Greek notion, generally understood as the celestial sound or music produced by the ordered movement of the stars and planets through the heavens. The idea is usually attributed to the mystic Pythagoras (580 BCE), to whom a belief in the power of music is ascribed. 2,564 more words

Concrete Philosophy - Introduction

Santos, Mario Ferreira dos. Filosofia Concreta. 3rd ed. Vol. 1. São Paulo: Logos, 1961.


For a more discerning Western philosophical thought, Philosophy is not a mere… 1,660 more words


A Nativity Story

The man stood, dumbfounded, attempting to comprehend the news he had just been given. The Messenger of God had just informed him that his wife– his Virgin– was now with child, and would present him with a son who would surpass all who had ever lived in beauty and wisdom. 747 more words


It Always Comes Back to Pythagoras

Every single year without fail we have to pay way too much attention to the calculation of the hypotenuse of an endless line of right-angled triangles. 175 more words


Pythagorean and Fermatian Triples and Quadruples

Pythagorean triples are familiar to almost everyone who has studied mathematics:  whole numbers which serve as solutions to the Pythagorean Theorem, a² + b² = c². 457 more words