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Who Was Pythagoras?

Pythagoras was one of the most important inspirations for Vegans today. Here’s a short explanation of why:

“The first philosopher in the West to create a lasting vegetarian legacy was the Greek teacher Pythagoras. 445 more words

5 Mitos Yang Menyesatkan Tentang Matematika

Mitos adalah sesuatu yang tentunya agak diragukan kebenarannya, atau malah mungkin tidak benar sama sekali. Ironisnya, banyak yang kadang malah percaya dengan suatu mitos. Salah satu mitos yang menyesatkan adalah mitos tentang Matematika. 600 more words


The Tree of Pythagoras

How many penguins are there on the ice?
One, two, three, four, five. There are five penguins.

How many fingers are on a baby’s hand? 1,573 more words


Pythagorean Theorem

Hi, guys! We will learn a well known theorem that has so many applications which is Pythagoras Theorem. Here is a short history about it. 898 more words



After school this evening I checked my twitter feed and was met by this confusing tweet:

After some investigation it seems that the tweeter Ben Rouse ( 456 more words


The Pythagorean Vegetable

Not long ago I ran across this stunning member of the brassica family. It’s called Romanesco Broccoli, and is said to have originated in Lazio, the district of Rome. 269 more words

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