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Working on Pythagoras Scene

Of course, Pythagoras’ equation has always had a unique attraction to all kind of mathematicians and philosophers. Its wonderful geometry becomes even more attracting by rendering it – so I thought and gave it a try. 10 more words


What do I do when my faith doesn't make sense?

What do I do when my faith doesn’t make sense? Oh, the burden of rationality. I really had to wonder this week how we got to the point where we really need to understand everything. 1,324 more words


And now Pythagoras again, with bonus

I was attempting to solve a geometrical problem the other day, a problem which, due to my complete misunderstanding, had no solution, when this popped out. 98 more words

Animated Pythagorean Theorem

Based on Euclid’s proof. My first attempt at making an animated gif…


Greek Reporter Hypocritically Bites One of the Many Hands That Feeds It

So as is my wont, yesterday, prior to setting off for my nightly appointment with Morpheus, I sort assorted email items to post at rogueclassicism and/or my explorator newsletter.  1,619 more words

Classical Miscellany

The Creation of the Universe

“Even more extravagant than the Muslims were the Jews. The first chapter of the Jewish Bible contains the famous sentence: And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light;” the Kabbalists argued that the virtue of that command from the Lord came from the letters of the words. 192 more words


Writing Is Hard

I was a good math student in high school. When I say “good,” I mean really good.

My friend Ben and I sat in the back of the class. 483 more words