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The Importance of ...ahem... 'Pythagorean Theorems'

So here’s a nice little picture, of which I’m sure we’ve all seen a picture or post with some resemblance:

Pythagorean Theorems. Here’s a challenge for you: if you see anybody post anything like this, challenge them to name more than 1 Pythagorean Theorem. 750 more words

[Part 4] Contribution of the Western Thinkers: Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato

Introduction: Ancient Greek Philosophy

Greek Philosophers believed virtue as excellence of any kind. A virtue is a character trait or quality that is valued as good, by the society. 1,082 more words

Ethics Mains


A true philosopher, with thoughts and
Dreams of triangles and numbers, such a
Complex riddle for a mind…truly it’s hard to
Understand the theory, it’s no wonder some are behind. 92 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

The epitome of angular: statue of Pythagoras by the harbour in Pythagoreio on his home island of Samos/Greece

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular


#10 From Classical Beginnings

The classical Greek astronomers between 624 BCE and the 12oo’s CE did not consider themselves scientists. Astronomy was considered more of a philosophy than a science. 2,136 more words


Random Friday Fun Facts: The Music of the Spheres

“music is so naturally united with us that we cannot be free from it even if we so desired”
Boethius: De institutione musica

Most serious musicians understand that music and math are inextricably linked.   574 more words


Games games games!

So as I’m sure every person relatively new to coding does, I’ve been looking into games development, more specifically android apps. I looked around, and found an absolutely fantastic free course online through… 420 more words