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The mysterious life of Pythagoras

The Pythagorean Theorem is a well-known theorem that we study in math. We all probably learned about it in high school during our geometry class. It is a simple theorem: a2 + b2= c2, which we use to find the hypotenuse of a right angle (90 degrees) triangle. 616 more words

Greek Mathematics

Pythagoras and the Beanstalk


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Here is an example of a TEDEd lesson that I created about the life and death of the mathematician Pythagoras, entitled “Pythagoras and the Beanstalk”. 173 more words


Relearning Piano

I decided to relearn how to play the piano when I retired recently. It was a little awkward to restart playing the piano after a half century’s hiatus. 181 more words


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Mary McDonald Pythagoras 16 3/4″ Wide Brass Pendant Light. If you looking for Mary McDonald Pythagoras 16 3/4″ Wide Brass Pendant Light. 89 more words

Source of this Scientific Article.

When Pythagoras was making experiments with his wife, the medium Theoclea, who was a seer and also a psychometrist and unfolder, he made profound studies about the evolution of the spirit, affirming that the spirit spends, on average, three hundred million years going through the inferior species until it reaches the human species.


The Pythagoreans: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Binyamin struggled to maintain his composure.  He could not let the crew see him come unraveled by the massive trireme bearing down on them.  3,814 more words


The Pythagoreans: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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On a hill overlooking the beach where he had been informed the smugglers had arranged to make landfall, Galankos, Captain of the Croton City Watch, waited with eager anticipation.  2,335 more words