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Plutarch's Women: Stateira I, her daughters; Persian women and a wolf's mother; the Pythia (Chapts. 30 and 37)

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Stateira I
Welcome back Plutarch’s Women. We begin this post at the start of Chapter 30. There, Plutarch records some sad news – the death of Stateira I, Darius III’s wife. 659 more words


The First Pythia

by Ovidios Thoras

We know of few daughters of Deucalion, and we rarely remember the names of those we do know.  We know of fair Minoa who sailed to the great southern island and founded a kingdom that allows women to rule as kings. 883 more words



Invariant mass for electron-positron pair. In this mode, Z boson was discovered in 1984 at CERN.


This is eta-phi space . The distance in this space is solid angle, dR… 27 more words

What's going on...

One could argue I might be experiencing a perplexing quandary regarding “This Gay Man’s Life…”

My closest friends know that I loathe and despise discussing politics publicly, and when I think about some of the issues our communities are facing, all I can think is “Politics!  465 more words

Gay Life

The Flood Prophecies

by Galenos of Larissa

All the Pythian Prophecies are considered mysterious, hard to grasp and unsettling, but none are more feared than the infamous 62nd prophecy of the great Fourteenth Pythia.

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Online Delphic Oracle

Greek Reporter tells us:

The ancient Delphic Oracle was the inspiration for a recent application created by the Department of Classical Studies at the University College of London.

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Classical Miscellany

Asteroids Kassandra 114, Helenos 1872 and Pythia 432 - Know Thyself All Ye That enter Apollo's Temple

Kassandra and Helenus (Helenos) were twins, as babies the were left at the Temple of Apollo by accident.  This meant that both had the gift of prophesy.  204 more words