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Running Python files from windows command prompt

To run a program in windows we usually either go to a program in the start menu or double click its icon on the desktop, if we right click and have a look at the properties of the program we see it usually points to an exe file. 946 more words


Calculating the Lyapunov Exponent of a Time Series (with python code)

I found this method during my Masters while recreating the results of an interesting paper on how some standard tests for chaos fail to distinguish chaos from stochasticity ( 585 more words


Memory Solutions with Python's __slots__

I have nothing new to add to this so here are two excellent references for using Python’s __slots__ funtionality


Managing Redis complexity in Python - Part 1: Organizing Keys

A major challenge when engineering any large software system is managing complexity. The power of Redis comes with the responsibility of managing the complexity of your data layer dilligently. 932 more words


sorting in descending order

blist.sort(key =lambda x: (int(x[8]), x[2], int(x[4]), int(x[5])), reverse = True )


Log everything with logstash and elasticsearch

EuroPython talk by: Peter Hoffmann, @peterhoffmann



A talk by Peter Hoffmann from Blue Yonder which is one of the sponsors of the conference.


Another very good talk by an experienced speaker. 114 more words

Django Text Search with Haystack and Whoosh

Recently, I have setup a text based search engine using django-haystack and Whoosh. Here, I would like to share the steps..

Haystack is a reusable app and also does pluggable backends (much like Django’s database layer), so virtually all of the code you write ought to be portable between whichever search engine you choose. 405 more words