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WeatherLog 2.0

I decided to move this release to 2.0 (instead of 1.11, which is what it was originally going to be), due to it breaking backwards compatibility. 408 more words


Interactive Plotting in IPython Notebook (Part 1/2): Bokeh

Interactive Plotting in IPython Notebook (Part 1/2): Bokeh


In this post I will talk about interactive plotting packages that support the IPython Notebook and allow you to zoom, pan, resize, or even hover and get values off your plots directly from an IPython Notebook. 856 more words


Draw Vietnamese flag using Turtle module in Python

Using the module turtle and Python3. The following program will generate (roughly) the Vietnamese flag.

import turtle
wn = turtle.Screen()            # Set up the window and its attributes
wn.bgcolor("red")               # Background color of the screen
screen_width = 750;             # Width of the screen
screen_height = 500;            # Height of the screen
star_length = 200;              # Length of one side of the star

wn.setup(width = screen_width, height = screen_height)
wn.title("Flag of Vietnam")

vin = turtle.Turtle()
vin.color("red")                # Set the color of the turtle to red
# Move the turtle to a predefined coordinate
vin.setx((screen_width - star_length)/2 - screen_width/2)
vin.shape("blank")              # Hide the shape of the turtle
vin.pensize(3)                  # Pen size of the turtle

# Draw the flag
for counter in range(5):


and the result is:


Using ArcObjects in Python

Recently, I found the need for more fine-grained control over a map document than the Arcpy library alone could afford, so I turned to the comtypes library (downloaded  168 more words


Python modules

I wanted to add some basic functionality to call Evernote API today, but it seems I run into some trouble with importing modules.

How do I need to organize my app for appspot? 61 more words


Status Quo

We started this blog to gather ideas for a personalized TV-system based on the Raspberry PI. We drifted a little away from this idea, but we are still interested to build a stand-alone system to deliver personalized TV recommendations. 184 more words

SyntroPython's SensorNet - sensor networking for the Raspberry Pi

SyntroPython now includes SensorNetPoP and SensorNetView, demonstrating how to use SyntroPython for networked sensing. SensorNetPoP is a Raspberry Pi based sensor networking node (PoP stands for Point of Presence). 108 more words

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