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Data acquisition over USB using ATTiny: review

Data acquisition peripherals for computers make a lot of science experiments easier and open up new ways of automation. In other words, they’re fun. I’ve recently come across a really cool AVR project done by Jacques Lepot,  1,206 more words

Data Logging

A sprinkle of automation

Started learning Selenium today.

Best documentation I’ve seen so far. Clear flow, easy to understand, even for a beginner, and lots of screenshots. Best part is one large chapter can be printed in one go. 29 more words


Python: Getting most common list(text) values

Hi All,

In case if you need to find out the most common words in text or numbers(strings) in lists you can use the Counter class. 181 more words


Fabric – A Handy Library to Automate Local & Remote Tasks

With an increasing number of Django projects in active deployment, the many repetitive steps of carrying code-changes to their online-destinations became more and more tedious, so eventually the time has come to take a closer look on ways to help during this process. 440 more words


PyJa -- calling Java from Python part 3

This is another article in the long series for calling Java from Python. Now I’ll take a look at Jython what I missed in the last article.

Software Development


Haven’t posted in quite some time…. Just stopping by to introduce the new addition to our little family <3

Meet Kaa, our Ball Python.

We purchased Kaa on July 18th. 82 more words


Low-hassle PEP-396

PEP-396 suggests that all python packages should provide a __version__ attribute. This should contain a string in the form x.y.z which gives you the package’s version number. 120 more words