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Python, Pandas Dataframe get the index back after a group by

I’m having a Pandas DataFrame named ‘class_price_df':

                           email                   cat           class
0               trangthanhtin@yahoo.com     Mobiles & Tablets      1
1                    concomai@yahoo.com     Mobiles & Tablets      4
2                   yenvo.ier@gmail.com     Mobiles & Tablets      2
3                   quyenvy71@yahoo.com     Mobiles & Tablets      4
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Feeding the Phobia - Hiking Warrie Circuit - Springbrook National Park

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” I’ve heard this quote many times but my recent experience challenges  the universality of this adage. While walking the 17 km Warrie Circuit at Springbrook National Park, south of Brisbane, my daughter and I managed to feel both “awesome and incredibly stupid” (her words). 2,724 more words


Nano num-nums No.24

Nano Num-Nums is drawing stumps. We began with a Python, Mr Idle, and we will end with one, Mr Cleese.

He first came to the British viewers attention on the Frost Report, that also introduced us to David Frost, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. 229 more words



Type of statistics
Max - Largest value in L – sorting L(0)
Min - Smallest value in L – L
Midpoint - average of max & min – (L[0]+L(n-1))/2… 1,834 more words



(Disclaimer: this is me selling Python to you)

Python is a programming language that is really easy to learn, both if you can program and if you can’t. 288 more words


Playing with csv files in python

Reading a csv file

First we will create an object reader named as “csv_read”
After we run a loop for each row in csv file and simply print it. 199 more words

Csv File