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Fabric: running programs in background using tmux

Sometimes there is a situation when you need to run daemon process in background using fabric, but running daemons with &? makes fabric hang.

Let’s see to fabric… 200 more words


BBC speaks weather on Raspberry Pi

Arkwood has a long-standing hatred of the BBC, and in particular BBC News. ‘It’s all a pack of lies,’ he said on their coverage of current affairs. 871 more words


Embedding Python in Android – Standard Library

On the previous posts I’ve shown how to cross-compile Python for Android, build a native interface for accessing the interpreter from Java code and run some code.  2,439 more words


Depth sorting and flying objects

Guess what? It turns out, that rather than being trivial, sorting is one of the main problems in 3D graphics. The landscape renders ok, as long as the camera is not too low, it should be fine due to its ordered nature (small angles between neighbouring patches), but when it comes to more complex objects it becomes a hassle. 212 more words

Visual Crafts

slippery slopes

It has been a struggle, but I have finally cracked the problem, save for the post-mortem. Finding the intersections for straight line segments based on the orthocente of an irregular triangle was fraught with hiccups. 7 more words

Quick and Dirty Language Guide Book 1

This notebook is the first in a series of two that I have termed the Quick and Dirty Python Language Guide. The aim is to give people unfamiliar with python, but somewhat familiar with programming paradigms the tools they need to start writing python. 114 more words


Distance fields for font rendering (Part 1)

Pushing myself forward again, I will publish some entries about implementing font rendering into a texture atlas, encoded with distance fields and with support for Unicode chars (the possibility to reduce the texture size will probably allow large amounts of glyphs in one single texture) to finally show proper labels and text boxes in Engendro3D. 211 more words

Engendro3D Game Engine