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Think Stats - Chapter 5 - Exercise 6


Suppose there are two full bowls of cookies. Bowl 1 has 10 chocolate chip and 30 plain cookies, while Bowl 2 has 20 of each.

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Allen B. Downey

How To Install PIL On Ubuntu

Let’s say you want to play around with images in Python. To do that, we need a Python package that can handle all the image manipulation. 460 more words


Using django/sqlalchemy and virtualenv on FreeBSD.

About a year ago I gave up trying to use virtualenv on FreeBSD due to missing sqlite libraries.

This was the error I was getting and also a similar one when trying django… 734 more words

Picademy - The Raspberry Pi Academy

It’s been almost a week since the Picademy began, and for me I suppose it held a different meaning to the majority of teachers that attended. 920 more words

Ysgol Bryn Elian

slope intercepts

The formula for the intercept of a line, is usually denoted by the letter ‘b’ and where ‘m’ is the slope of the line, and ‘x’ and ‘y’ are the coordinates of any point on the line, it may be is written: 182 more words