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Coding for journalists: 10 hottest websites to teach yourself to code

Should journalists learn computer code? That’s a controversial question at the moment. The general consensus seems to be that today’s journalists need at least a basic level of technical literacy so when they team up with developers, they can better understand the language they speak. 1,038 more words




The Bourne shell was first released in 1977 (37 years ago).

The C Programming Language book was published in 1978 (36 years ago), describing the C language which had been out for a few years. 159 more words


Graph-A-Day #1


Hello, internet! 

My name is Rob, and I’m a college student. As such, it is my duty to maintain a web log.

I like math, and I hear other people like math, as well. 45 more words


More Commits via the GitHub API

I wrote a bit ago about making commits via the GitHub API. That post outlined making changes in two simplified situations: making changes to a single file and making updates to two existing files at the root of the repository. 2,358 more words


OzDES service

Had my head down for a while. Have a paper or two. The goal is to average one first-author paper a month from February through October — I have way, way too much interesting stuff in the hopper that I haven’t written up yet. 170 more words