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Chapter 3 Update 6 - Automation!

Quick update. Lots of things happening in the background :) – my code is MUCH CLEANER NOW! and…not specialized!!

I managed to create a transformation module, regression module (complete with Analysis class) and a datamunging module so that it’s easier to run analysis now! 227 more words


Matasano Crypto Challenge 22: Crack an MT19937 Seed

Pada tulisan sebelumnya dibahas mengenai implementasi pseudo random number generator (RNG) MT19937. Untuk tulisan hari ini akan dibahas mengenai cara memecahkan MT19937 dan menemukan seed. 134 more words


ExploitTable 2014 + Buscador de Exploits = PWNED!

Durante el año 2014 se han conocido nuevas vulnerabilidades de diferentes plataformas que afectan a más de una especie en particular. Ubicarlas y acordarselas es una tarea algo dificil para los que estamos en éste ambiente, ya que la cabeza la tenemos por absolutamente todos lados. 423 more words


How to compare different types ?

I will stop putting the day number at the beginning of my post titles. It makes me feel more under pressure if I see how long I have been already learning the charms of code but despite the fact still being very limited in the coding skills. 147 more words


Google App Engine: PDF reportlab Import Error ImportError: Cannot re-init internal module __main__

When using python library reportlab in appengine, I have met this import error.

 File "/Users/bmh/GitRepos/MyProject/charges/views.py", line 15, in <module>
    from MyProject.invoices import generate_invoice, format_long_number
  File "/Users/bmh/GitRepos/MyProject/charges/invoices.py", line 23, in <module>
    from reportlab.lib import colors
  File "/Users/bmh/GitRepos/MyProject/contrib/reportlab/lib/colors.py", line 44, in <module>
    from reportlab.lib.rl_accel import fp_str
  File "/Users/bmh/GitRepos/MyProject/contrib/reportlab/lib/rl_accel.py", line 19, in <module>
    import __main__
ImportError: Cannot re-init internal module __main__… 94 more words
Code Life

Get RSS feeds using python pattern

Python Pattern allows easy way to retrieve RSS feeds. The following script will act as a feeds reader and retrieve feeds from various sites, focusing on world news and related Singapore stock market in this example. 1,148 more words


Analysis for design

A lecture about who to analyse (board) games using statistics, probability theory and simulations.

Link to the slides if Slide Share plugin does not work: … 24 more words