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Canny Edge Detection in Java

So you don’t really have a decent graphics card, CUDA in C or pyCuda are not options since you don’t have a NVIDIA card, or you just want something completely cross-platform without a large amount of research. 2,181 more words

If You Want to Build the NumPy and SciPy Docs

This week docs.scipy.org has been down, but folks still need their NumPy and SciPy docs. To fill the gap until docs.scipy.org is back up I built the docs for only the latest stable releases and uploaded them to GitHub pages: 468 more words


Rare Humanitarian Surgery: Python saved

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

I am personally indebted to Prof. Dr. Indramani Nath, who had saved the life of my GSD ‘Tommy’ in 2012 and to Dr. 288 more words


Learning code

I’ll be using this blog to keep a kind of wiki on learning code and general tech such as Arduino electronics. For my reference and hopefully it will be useful to someone else one day.

Dynamic Programming: Knapsack

The dynamic programming pattern will give a better alternative to the exhaustive search approach for the knapsack problem.

With dynamic programming, we build up our solution from the bottom up, by reusing previously made computation stored and obtained from a lookup table. 1,254 more words


Monty Python's Life of Brian #MovieReview

Always look on the bright side of life! That what film 55 told me to do. That film in question; 1979’s “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”. 1,522 more words