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Connecting to JMX through Jython

Jython is great when you want a dynamically typed language based on the JVM.

Also comes really in handy when you want to write small monitoring scripts based on JMX.This is an examble on how to call a function from a MBean through Jython using JMX. 138 more words


LR2 Track Selector and LR Track Selector v2.0

A long time ago in a place not far from here, a certain triangle wrote a program to randomly select tracks from the game LEGO® Racers… 499 more words


Day 2 - Week 1: Introduction to Python/Pygame Programming

Ah yes, it’s that time again. Week 2 stared last Friday evening, but I finished the work over the weekend and completed the project today. I figured the same day I completed the project would be a good time to talk about what we had learned in the same sense. 638 more words

Blog Post

Scripting Debug Sessions: Python for GDB Remote Serial Protocol

Are you tired of hammering out the same commands over and over again in GDB? If not, we highly encourage you take more advantage of The GNU Project Debugger, which is a fantastic way to poke around inside your microcontrollers while they’re running a program. 146 more words


Ortaöğretimde başörtüsünü serbest bıraktılar. Aynı yasaklayanlar gibi;topluma,öğretmene danışmadan;tartışmadan. Tepeden inme bir emrivaki. Hükümet,kızların başını örterek suçlarının üstünü örtebileceğini sanıyorsa yanılıyor. Ne Soma sığar o örtüye, ne asansör, ne İŞID, ne Reza.. 15 more words


Python - My New Toy

I haven’t written anything in a while so I failed to live up to my once-per-week blogging commitment.  That’s okay since I’m only doing this for me but I will work on posting a little more frequently. 439 more words