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Gotcha Day #2

It’s been two years since Leon joined our family and it’s been the wildest two years of our lives. Leon has brought more love, spice, and flavor into our home than we ever knew was possible. 142 more words

Enumerating the Rational Numbers

One of my tutoring students is taking an Introduction to Mathematical Proof course. During one of our recent sessions, he had a problem that challenged him to come up with a way of enumerating the rational numbers, thus showing that they can be mapped to the natural numbers, and thus are a countably infinite set. 341 more words


Sweet and spicy BBQ sauce

My dad and uncle are fantastic barbecue connoisseurs, so I grew up eating some pretty amazing Q. I’m talking ribs and roasts, smoked low and slow to BBQ perfection, right in my backyard! 260 more words


quicksort in q

Something Attila showed during the recent London kx meetup:


Short and sweet implementation of quicksort. It is slower than q built-ins but obviously it is hard to beat q… 41 more words


I lost my chances to speak when i parried away the questions. There must be a fear that they ask out of obligation and so I falsify answers and appear shallow and crude because I’m caught off guard and haven’t prepped myself to speak. 122 more words


31. Dreaming of a White Christmas

Last time on the Maloneys, Abby finally go the Oh My Ghost opportunity, thus we got Kyra back! We also had more birthday glitches, which led to the first toddler fail of the challenge. 1,502 more words