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PREGNANT. The Big Question Is...

…when do you sign up for day care?

My wife and I are in the third trimester, and “some people” are saying we need to get signed up for day care, because there are waiting lists? 136 more words


The "Most Disappointing Destination" Is...NOT Cleveland!!

…NOT Cleveland!!  YAAAAY! Walt Disney World has been named one of the 10 destinations in the world listed as “most disappointing” by travel site SmarterTravel.com. They say paying $99 a day to “be trapped in a park surrounded by other peoples’ children and fully grown adults who like Disney” doesn’t sound fun at all. 123 more words


Mother Asked To Cover Up At Park. Is What She's Wearing Bad??

This seems to keep happening at amusement parks, fitness centers, restaurants…and we’re not sure why.

Who are these strangers that tell people to cover up?  Not that I don’t believe the people making the claims that someone said these awful words to them, but I find it a little curious that we never hear from the “bully”. 22 more words


Best Bar Names In Cleveland! HAHAHA!

I guess I didn’t realize that aside from our awesome local hangouts, we don’t ever really giggle at the NAMES of bars in Cleveland.

“Flying Monkey” 59 more words


Teen Taking Train Selfie Gets Kicked in Head! VIRAL VIDEO...

Is this not the WORST idea for selfie you’ve ever seen??

Sad.  This is what people will do to become “You Tube Famous”.  Choo Choo.


World's Toughest Job REVEALED!

Here’s a perfect example of how you need to “read the fine print”.  But I guess if you’re desperate for a job, ya’ don’t really do that? 100 more words


Taylor Swift's Man Requirements

There’s a Hollywood magazine saying they have access to a list of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend requirements given to them by a friend of Taylor’s who asked to remain anonymous…of course! 100 more words