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He's 61...She's 31! See The Pic.

Yeah, age is just a number.  But Jeff Goldblum is 61, and his new fiance is 31.  Too much of a difference?  If you said ‘no’, how about checking out this pic of them on the beach. 53 more words


Look What Landed In A Lakewood Pool!

You’re just enjoying the nice Cleveland weather, taking a dip and feeling rich in your in-ground pool.  All of a sudden SPLASH!  A JEEP jumps in for a dip.  72 more words


This Will Be Renamed If LeBron Comes To Cleveland

Like it or not, Cedar Point is in on the LeBron craziness.  He apparently loves the Raptor roller coaster, so if he comes back, Cedar Point will rename it “LeBron James”. 90 more words


Bullied Teen Posts Awesome Revenge Pic!

Check out this girl who fired back at her body-shaming bullies by snapping a pic in a bikini right by the graffiti about her.

She’s 14, and her friend told her that someone spray-painted  57 more words


Should Parents Do This In Public With Kids?

I saw it AGAIN a couple days ago.  Kids on leashes.  Parents say they were SO against it before kids, then they found in necessary.  Now that I’m a father, I just don’t think I’m going to change my mind on this.  61 more words


Is It O.K. To Laugh At This?

I really wish I would have taken video of my wife when she had her wisdom teeth out last year…and was all…HIGH.  I felt really bad, so I didn’t do it.  86 more words


"I'm So Pregnant" The Iggy Azelea Parody

Since my wife is 8+ months pregnant, her co-workers at News Channel 5 had some fun with this video.  Hahah!  Love you guys!

Classic parody. 47 more words