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Major Character To Be Killed Off On...

The Simsons!  It will be the 26th season too!  That makes me feel crazy old.  As much affection as we have for The Simpsons, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who can’t remember the last time they watched a full episode.  35 more words


LeBron James Just Tweeted This. Hmmm...

If he isn’t asking what jersey number, then I’m really confused.

6 or 23?…… instagram.com/p/qmQN46iTFt/
LeBron James (@KingJames) July 18, 2014

I go for 32.

48 more words

Cleveland Cookout? Would You Eat This??

There’s a Minnesota meat shop that has come up with this grand idea…a new bratwurst that has gummy bears inside.

Apparently the idea  started as a joke, but people ended up loving the idea. 68 more words


Video Of Charlie Sheen Drunk In A Taco Bell Parking Lot

Charlie is back!  Cuz who wouldn’t start filming Charlie Sheen “hammered” in a Taco Bell parking lot, and then ask him to open his shirt to see his tattoos?  55 more words


Weird Al's Parody Of "Royals" By Lorde

He’s gotta’ get an aluminum foil endorsement out of this one!  This could have been an AWESOME Super Bowl commercial.

Love to know what Lorde thinks. 43 more words


He's 61...She's 31! See The Pic.

Yeah, age is just a number.  But Jeff Goldblum is 61, and his new fiance is 31.  Too much of a difference?  If you said ‘no’, how about checking out this pic of them on the beach. 54 more words