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Does This Pic Ruin Your Matthew McConaughey Fantasy?

I’m bringin’ faaaaaaaannny paaaaaaaaack!

Matthew in a fanny pack.  Somehow, it works.  I’m comfortable saying that.

See it HERE


Super Bowl Halftime Revealed?

Looks like the NFL is asking Katy Perry, Coldplay and Rihanna to do the halftime show.  Imagine the wardrobe malfunctions!  (Except for Coldplay…EW!)

The performers are being asked to PAY for playing the show… 49 more words


Ice Bucket Challenge Fails!

These are my favorite.  Hahaha!!





That’s the best one!


Justin Timberlake's Controversial Tweet

He “playfully” called Madonna is “ninja”.  That is apparently slang for a word we shouldn’t be using.

The deleted tweet said, “A happiest of Bdays to my mother chucking ninja, @Madonna!! 58 more words


LeBron's Push Present For His Wife - And New Baby Name!

Well, LeBron just took his pregnant wife to Greece as a “push present” before she gives birth.  I gave my wife a ring.  Greece seems better? 61 more words


"EW!" With Taylor Swift

“EW!”  probably my favorite thing Jimmy Fallon does, because I talk like that all the time just to see the reaction on people’s faces. 46 more words


23 Jobs In Danger Because Of Technology

D.J. isn’t on the list…YAY!!

If you have one of these 23 jobs, it might be time to make a career change, the robots are coming to replace you! 100 more words