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BBBB: Extra Innings

Finally, some significant action on the Bay Bridge.

There’s been a steady stream of small items–well, small when compared against the bridge’s $6 billion price tag–but nothing with any, you should excuse the expression, earthshaking implications. 563 more words


What I Think of QA

I’ve been doing the QA thing for a little over 8 years now, and while I feel like I have learned a ton of stuff, I know that there is so much more out there to figure out.   357 more words


Is Automation for Regression Purposes Worth It?

One of the major advantages for automation that is often touted is that you can perform regression testing for your releases. After having implemented (or attempted to) an automation strategy for multiple employers, there are a few guidelines I have learned along the way that help in determining what you can use for regression purposes, and what you should pass on entirely. 981 more words


Ensuring Quality

One of the initiatives that we have currently going on is to implement a new test case management tool. In doing the research for this, I’ve started thinking more about what needs to truly go into delivering a quality product. 1,009 more words


You're Doing It All Wrong!

I’ve discovered that in order to maintain quality on your product, it is just as important to maintain quality on the tools and processes you use to accomplish this.   372 more words


What Does Automation Get Me?

I’ve recently come across a situation where the expectations for automation wasn’t very clearly defined/understood, and it made me wonder how we had arrived at that place.   679 more words


Q+A - #two

Hello lovely humans,

Today i have for you another Q+A,

which i just love doing!

I love interacting with all of you and answering your questions! 2,420 more words