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Don't Rush the Crush

NotĀ even my looming Dirty Book Club deadline canĀ keep me from responding to all of your Q&A submissions, except for possibly overlooking them in the comments section. 480 more words

Guy Advice


I received a message from Dani yesterday with a question that’s so blah-g worthy, you’ll feel like you’ve asked it yourself. That’s because many of you have, and it has to do with moving on after a relationship ends. 481 more words

Guy Advice

An Apple a Day

Here we are at Apple Announcement Day again. Ready for my usual cynical take on the latest hype out of Cupertino? Too bad, you’re getting it anyway. 1,566 more words


Boy Bound

I’ve received a number of comments and messages from readers having trouble in the crush department. So today I’m addressing Lily in hopes it will shed some light on a few of the situations I’ve read in your questions. 511 more words

For The Self

Did You Feel That?

It hasn’t gotten much play in the media, but there was an earthquake here in the San Francisco Bay Area early Sunday morning.

Ah, who am I trying to kid? 541 more words


Virtual Blog Tour

So, I’m still not completely sure what this is, but ya’ll know I can’t pass up a nomination or opportunity to answer questions about myself. So here we go: 1,624 more words

Thank You

Feral Interactive London, bringing top games to Mac & Linux and hiring

From their London base Feral Games deliver Mac & Linux titles to gamers all over the world, so what have they been working on over the last few months? 134 more words