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[Q&A] Don Early & Cam Banks (Demon Hunters RPG)

<+Don_Early> Hi I’m Don Early with Dead Gentlemen Productions, and I’m here to talk about our new RPG the Demon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of Terrors… 6,484 more words


North Carolina Q&A with Zach Evans

You can follow Zach on twitter @ztevans

What are your thoughts on your team so far?

The good news is that UNC’s offense has gotten better each week.

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Question of the Day

What the hell do I, as a stroke seat, do to calm outrageous rush?

There’s not much you can do rowing-wise, to be honest. If you’re already setting a reasonable pace and they’re not following you, it’s unlikely that things will improve if you try to forcefully resist the rush because that’s just going to result in the timing getting  873 more words


Ask me Questions...

Not sure what you should ask. I would like to share more to you all but not sure what…So in the comments below ask me anything.



Q&A with Campbell Faces

Emma Leatherwood, sophomore Theatre Arts major, tells us about acting, her plans after graduation, and also about her hair.

Q: What is an interesting fact about you? 270 more words