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Q&A with Zack Sears, Throne Watches

Until a week ago, I was pretty enamored with my 3 year old Casio digital watch. Then I went to New York, met Zack Sears from… 933 more words

The Dressing Room

[Q&A] Ben Dutter (Vow of Honor)

<+BenDutter> Hello, my name is Ben Dutter, designer of Vow of Honor RPG, a game about honor bound warrior-judges trying to make their world a better place. 5,963 more words


André Viking Andersen – Alumnus GS 14 – Denmark

André Viking Andersen – Alumnus GS 14 – Denmark


What have you been doing since graduating from the ICP General Studies in Photography program? 494 more words

ICP GS Students

What do I use bay leaves for?

Bay leaves are usually used as a flavoring for sauces, stocks, or dishes which you will be cooking low and slow for several hours. 99 more words


A wildlife conservationist talks to a teen reporter about the past and future of a lush, green NYC

Conservation ecologist Eric Sanderson makes a science out of envisioning New York City in the past and the future. His Mannahatta project was a 10-year deep dive into the green landscape of Manhattan as it existed 400 years ago – and his new project, … 648 more words


Liebster Award!

Hey guys!

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award by Franzi from Franzis Beauty Bits

Here is the Q&A she asked me to do

1. If you could choose where you want to live. 388 more words