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This Isn't Going to End Well

Part Three: Malignant Growth

I.C. Angles Investment Post

The stock market is enjoying one of the strongest bull markets in its history, but the story is the opposite for the economy, where this recovery represents one of the weakest in U.S. 1,211 more words


Notes From Underground: If ...

Tonight I’m paying homage to Rudyard Kipling’s great poem, “If.” It’s a reminder of what the fourth quarter holds for global investors, and particularly traders with a much quicker reaction: 958 more words


New Normal in the U.S.

Normal federal funds rate before 2008/2009 financial crisis was 4 to

PIMCO has argued that the ‘new normal’ fed funds rate in 2017 will be 2 to 2.5%. 273 more words


Germany at the UN, Mario Draghi versus Euroskeptical Alternative for Deutschland Party

Germany at the US is currently playing the great de-escalator of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

But the real battle is actually behind doors between Mario Draghi that want a European Quantitative Easing (idea on which the market has all hopes after the end of the US QE in order to keep on rallying) and the Euroskeptical Alternative that point (with success) at the illegality of such an action (view supported also by the Bundesbank. 26 more words

QE For Europe May Not Be European

Though the prospect of QE in Europe seems to be wrought with political and legal challenges, it seems nearly certain that even if the ECB isn’t able to launch QE (or launch it to the extent desired), … 98 more words

Banks don't "lend out" excess reserves

I recently came across this S&P report by S&P’s Chief Global Economist Paul Sheard debunking common misunderstandings about the Federal Reserve, QE and excess reserves. I’m posting it here to clear up misinformation about what banks do with their excess reserves at the Fed. 329 more words