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"6 Stages" Applied to Today's Economy

I previously wrote about The 6 Stages of Central Planning and laid out a framework. With framework in hand, it is easy to identify many points of the economy today for where they fall in the life cycle of Central Planning. 1,638 more words

Eye on Your Money - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hour 1 of 2:  Has QE been effective?; Are you in debt?  Then you might be patriotic!; Inflation; Venezuela. http://eyeonyourmoney.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/7-23-14-eoym-hr-1.mp3

Hour 2 of 2: Big government = Tyranny?; Labor force participation; Stock market basics; Unintended consequences of anti-gun laws.  9 more words


Carney's Conundrum

The Bank of England’s head, Governor Mark Carney, spoke yesterday in London following the release of the bank’s minutes from its previous policy meeting.  The minutes reflected a slightly more dovish tone than investors were expecting, setting bond markets off on a modest uptrend through the day.   363 more words

Big banks made $650 million off of Fed's QE program

Wall Street may end up being sorry to see QE go.

The Federal Reserve recently announced that its bond buying program will likely end in October. 811 more words


The 6 Stages of Central Planning

After reading Atlas Shrugged, I developed a framework to define the stages of the government’s inevitable life cycle in taking charge as Central Planner (“Planner” from here) of the economy. 3,278 more words


You all already know where I think this market is headed. However, the twitter streams are full of folks that are ready to declare yet another rally to new higher plateaus. 1,064 more words

Euro under pressure...

Last week, the Euro broke below the 1.3500 level against the greenback for the first time since February. As the ECB is still not done with the easing (perhaps public QE if low inflation persists), it is clear that the risk remains on the downside for the single currency. 105 more words