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Next Week’s FOMC Decision A Watershed Event? High Yield Doesn't Seem To Think So.

By Kevin Horan
Director, Fixed Income Indices
S&P Dow Jones Indices

Unlike Treasuries and investment grade corporates, the high yield market as measured by the… 380 more words

Emerging Markets

Global Economy as Zombie: When Will the Walking Dead Fall?

by lizard

Six years ago, when the bursting of the housing bubble triggered a severe financial crisis, there were two options: deal with the core problems of an economy that had abandoned fundamentals for tricksy Wall Street speculative shenanigans, or paper over the issue with a flood of interest-free capital injections from the Fed. 747 more words


Janet Yellen is greatly concerned

Janet Yellen is the current chairman…um, chairwoman…er, chairperson of the Federal Reserve System.  And Janet is “greatly concerned” about the rise in income inequality in the U.S… 1,402 more words


Of Flat Lines and Derp

Paul Krugman is here again with his favorite straw man argument. Krugman is smart and everyone else is stupid because QE has not resulted in hyperinflation. 318 more words


Will the FED Raise Rates Next Year?

The FED has said it has ended its Quantitative Easing (QE) and will begin raising interest rates around summer of 2015. Some analysts disagree, saying that the FED is too set on micromanaging every wiggle on Wall Street to carry out their promise. 21 more words

GDP & Employment

Notes From Underground: Another Cold Day In July

In late July, Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann made a comment about being in favor of a rise in German wages. I was citing a Financial Times article, “Bundesbank Shifts Stance To Support Pay Rises.” The article opens with the line, “Germany’s Bundesbank has backed the push by trade unions for inflation-busting wage settlements …” I noted that it was Bundesbank Chief Economist Jens Ulbrich who called recent wage trends moderate, given the strength in the German economy. 653 more words


Navigating risk and seizing opportunities

Understanding and navigating risks and identifying and exploiting opportunities are the core capabilities of any competent investor or company executive. Yet, we currently see both groups struggling, being hypnotised by over-blown potential risks and paralysed in the face of potential growth opportunities. 794 more words

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