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Virtual Machine rc script

vmrc is a Virtual Machine rc(8) script for managing bhyve, jail and QEMU virtual machines. Original Post>>

Virtual Machine

Running Debian on a Graphing Calculator

While the ubiquitous TI-83 still runs off an ancient Zilog Z80 processor, the newer TI-Nspire series of graphing calculators uses modern ARM devices. managed to get… 161 more words

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How to make use of KVM snapshots via "virsh"

This is a very interesting article that contained everything I needed about KVM snapshots. It listed all the “virsh” command parameters for snapshots with an excellent explanation of each one: 9 more words


Setup raspberry pi using QEMU on win7 in ten steps

I need to experiment with raspberry pi, and I need a fast solution to work on my win7 64bit.

Based on this tutorial, here is the protocol to put the latest wheezy raspbian (2014-09-09) working in ten steps. 282 more words


Under the hood, KVM and QEMU working together | CHANGE as a Service

Memo, I wanna learn more! good post!

KVM needs Qemu (emulator) for full hypervisor functionality. QEMU is self-sufficient and  KVM is really a Linux kernel module for exploiting VT-extenstions to act as driver for the physical CPU capabilities. 36 more words


Streaming NBD server

The command:

qemu-img convert input output

does not work if the output is a pipe.

It’d sure be nice if it did though! For one thing, we could… 216 more words

libvirt blockcommit: shorten disk image chain by live merging the current active disk content

When using QCOW2-based external snapshots, it is desirable to reduce an entire disk image chain to a single disk to retain performance and increase while the guest is running. 367 more words