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How to connect to a VM hosted on QEMU remotely using virt-viewer

I couldn’t find comprehensive articles about this, so I decided to write one myself.

In brief, here is a sample command:

virt-viewer --connect qemu+ssh://aamr@hobba/system winVM… 82 more words


Add Custom Device to Qemu


This document originates from course SoC Design (S216GE19) instructed by Prof. Wei Guo. As a homework, we need to try to add an encryption device to a board with PowerPC chip so that embedded software program can utilize this device we add to encrypt/decrypt. 2,470 more words


QEMU: Convert non-Sparse Image to qcow/qcow2 Sparse Image

Convert non-Sparse Image to qcow/qcow2 Sparse Image

While this is not always ideal, I’ve found it handy to build qcow/qcow2 images (for use in OpenStack) by converting a vmdk on FreeBSD. 348 more words


Cubietruck: QEMU, KVM and Fedora

Rich Jones previoulsy wrote here on how he got KVM working on Cubietruck — it was Fedora-19 timeframe. It wasn’t quite straight forwad then: you had to build a custom Kernel, custom U-Boot (Universal-Boot), etc. 360 more words

High CPU Utilization w/ QEMU

The latest update to GNS3 (1.2.1) has been released and it’s got a nice little feature tucked inside

  • Early support for IOSv and IOSv-L2 (with Qemu for now, which is slow on Windows/Mac OS X).
  • 362 more words

Virtual Machine rc script

vmrc is a Virtual Machine rc(8) script for managing bhyve, jail and QEMU virtual machines. Original Post>>

Virtual Machine

Running Debian on a Graphing Calculator

While the ubiquitous TI-83 still runs off an ancient Zilog Z80 processor, the newer TI-Nspire series of graphing calculators uses modern ARM devices. managed to get… 161 more words

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