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Under the hood, KVM and QEMU working together | CHANGE as a Service

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KVM needs Qemu (emulator) for full hypervisor functionality. QEMU is self-sufficient and  KVM is really a Linux kernel module for exploiting VT-extenstions to act as driver for the physical CPU capabilities. 36 more words


Streaming NBD server

The command:

qemu-img convert input output

does not work if the output is a pipe.

It’d sure be nice if it did though! For one thing, we could… 216 more words

libvirt blockcommit: shorten disk image chain by live merging the current active disk content

When using QCOW2-based external snapshots, it is desirable to reduce an entire disk image chain to a single disk to retain performance and increase while the guest is running. 367 more words

Running Virtual Machines on KVM and QEMU from command line on Ubuntu 14.04

The aim of this post is to document how to get a Lubuntu 14.04 instance, a Windows 7 instance and an Android-86 instance running on KVM (running on QEMU in most cases). 358 more words


ssh port forwarding on qemu and virt-manager

I had a QEMU + virt-manager configuration with some virtual machines i need to access. preferrably from external addresses. So need to be able to port-forward ssh from host to guest with QEMU running the VM instances. 381 more words

virt-v2v: better living through new technology

If you ever used the old version of virt-v2v, our software that converts guests to run on KVM, then you probably found it slow, but worse still it was slow and could fail at the end of the conversion (after possibly an hour or more). 409 more words

The heart of Nova: Libvirt

In this post I will review Nova and how Libvirt is used in the Openstack world .The Libvirt driver for Nova is one of the most comprehensive implementations across all supported hypervisors. 697 more words