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virt-v2v: better living through new technology

If you ever used the old version of virt-v2v, our software that converts guests to run on KVM, then you probably found it slow, but worse still it was slow and could fail at the end of the conversion (after possibly an hour or more). 409 more words

The heart of Nova: Libvirt

In this post I will review Nova and how Libvirt is used in the Openstack world .The Libvirt driver for Nova is one of the most comprehensive implementations across all supported hypervisors. 697 more words


In The Beginning

For a long time, I’ve been looking to do something, that’s usually handled by commercial products, by myself. Well, let’s not make it that grand. Essentially, I decided to build my home network myself, based on Linux. 187 more words


Installing Pintos on your machine

This article will help you to install Pintos Operating System on your machine.

Pintos is a simple instructional operating system framework for the 80×86 architecture. The software supports kernel threads, loading and running user programs, and a file system, but it implements all of these in a very simple way. 823 more words


Create your own Virtual Appliance

1. SUSE Studio

SUSE Studio is an online Linux image creation tool by SUSE. Users can develop their own Linux OS, software appliance or virtual appliance, mainly choosing which applications and packages they want on their “custom” Linux and how it looks. 86 more words