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Tip: Use gdbserver to debug qemu running under libguestfs

If qemu crashes or fails when run under libguestfs, it can be a bit hard to debug things. However a small qemu wrapper and… 114 more words

Broken Feature Hell


I’m stuck once again in Broken Feature Hell.

For decades I’ve been working in I.T. doing computer stuff. The whole time has been marked by features that don’t work. 1,958 more words


Live disk migration with libvirt blockcopy

QEMU and libvirt projects has had a lot of block layer improvements in its last few releases (libvirt 1.2.6 & QEMU 2.1). This post discusses a method to do live disk storage migration with libvirt’s… 1,008 more words

Create Intel DPDK-OVS US-vHost VM-VM test setup from scratch

There are quite a few good documents for setting up dpdk ovs testing environment.  I found the links listed below useful during my exploration:

https://github.com/01org/dpdk-ovs/tree/master/docs… 1,211 more words


Qemu + Debian "Squeeze" for PowerPC

You may want a Big-endian machine and it may not be easy to find one.
That’s a very good opportunity to try Qemu + Debian port for PowerPC.  183 more words

Operating Systems

Basic guide for setting up virtual machines using QEMU/KVM on Fedora 20

The purpose of this guide is simply to get started using QEMU/KVM with Fedora 20. There is no need to install and boot from a special kernel. 539 more words

Joseph Tingiris

Cross-compiling gcc 4.8.3 for AArch64 port

This is a worked example of cross-compiling gcc 4.8.3 for AArch64 port on Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS.


(i) Cross-compiling GCC : Full credit to GRC-IITB Team for the… 1,621 more words