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Labels as text in SVG exports

Today’s post is inspired by a recent thread on the QGIS user mailing list titled “exporting text to Illustrator?”. The issue was that with the introduction of the new labeling system, all labels were exported as paths when creating an SVG. 91 more words


Map and Analyze Field Data with QGIS

After community field data collection, the next step typically involves bringing the data into a desktop GIS. This is the middle step in the workflow outlined in the… 593 more words


Interesting Interchanges: I-88 and I-355

In the Chicagoland area, there are several instances where multiple Interstates run parallel to each other. One is in Elmhurst where I-290 (Eisenhower Expressway) and… 358 more words


The Most Hilarious Rendering "Bug" I've Ever Seen

Can you guess the projection that I used to display a world map at the picture below (EPSG code is left there because I doubt someone would recall it anyway)? 63 more words


How to Enable SOSI Support in QGIS

SOSI (“Samordnet Opplegg for Stedfestet Informasjon”) is a vector data format used for exchanging geographical information in Norway. The Norwegian Map Authority and municipalities in Norway uses this format when they manage their geographical data. 441 more words


Where's the Nearest Bus Stop?

As someone who takes the bus to school every morning and is lucky enough to not have to walk too far to a bus stop on either end of the journey, I was curious about the extent to which there was bus service coverage in the Champaign-Urbana area. 847 more words


Schema of the Conservation Areas in Leningradskaya Region: Some Notes for Beginner Mappers

Schema of the Conservation Areas in Leningradskaya Region

About a year ago I was asked to create a small (a B5 size) and simple schema of the conservation areas in Leningradskaya region. 359 more words