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Mat'Ha Raptor T6 Versus Fleet Qin Raptor T5-U

Admiral Sager made it to level 60! Yay! He is now flying around in various upgraded ships trying to push them to maximum mastery levels. As a note, Cryptic hasn’t put in a tailor option for Fleet Admiral rank. 949 more words

STO Ships

เซตติ้งเกม Qin Tabletop Roleplaying Game

GM พี่ตุ้น อธิบายถึงเซตติ้งของ QIN Tabletop RPG เกมจอมยุทธจีนโบราณ หากท่านเป็นแฟนจอมยุทธก็ขอแนะนำให้กดเสพคลิปดูครับ

BLOG เกม Qin RPG แปลไทยของ GM พี่ตุ้น: http://thailandwuxiarpg.blogspot.com

Qin - Domino Pagodas

I had another great night at the weekly Friday night Palmer Board Game Night.  This week I played a game called Qin and Igor.  Qin is kinda like playing dominos, but with an extra twist of strategy.   199 more words

Quad Cities

Dialogue with Emperor Qin.

Dialogue with Emperor Qin : China EU exhibition
Photo credit by Ivibites photography