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China Trip - Day 3 Xi'an

4.30am wake up call. Ouch and very unhelpful while dealing with jet lag. Breakfast in a box on the bus to Beijing airport. HB joked that it would be ham sandwiches, and lo and behold it was: ham and cheese sandwich and a boiled egg – a Chinese view of what westerners eat. 700 more words


Who built the Great Wall of China?

Everyone knows the Great Wall is large and supposedly even visible from outer space. Turns out it’s indeed huge, in fact it’s recently been measured in detail by Chinese authorities (2009). 485 more words

Journey Thru History

Mat'Ha Raptor T6 Versus Fleet Qin Raptor T5-U

Admiral Sager made it to level 60! Yay! He is now flying around in various upgraded ships trying to push them to maximum mastery levels. As a note, Cryptic hasn’t put in a tailor option for Fleet Admiral rank. 949 more words

STO Ships

เซตติ้งเกม Qin Tabletop Roleplaying Game

GM พี่ตุ้น อธิบายถึงเซตติ้งของ QIN Tabletop RPG เกมจอมยุทธจีนโบราณ หากท่านเป็นแฟนจอมยุทธก็ขอแนะนำให้กดเสพคลิปดูครับ

BLOG เกม Qin RPG แปลไทยของ GM พี่ตุ้น: http://thailandwuxiarpg.blogspot.com

Tabletop RPG (ACTION)