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Pokemon ORAS QR Codes

I’ll upload my QR code here and update it as the base updates, I’ll also add in anyone else who wants their secret base QR code here along with Super Secret Base QR codes. 7 more words


Importance of QR codes and how to generate them using Barcode Label Maker Software

Generate QR Codes for your Industry Install DRPU Barcode Label Maker

Quick Response Code, popularly known as QR Codes, is Barcode font symbology that is square in shape and contain black dots with white spaces. 363 more words


Hey Evan, relax! If the strategy is good, won't matter if everyone knows

My strategy professor from business school once said that if you left your company’s strategic plan on the bus and a competitor discovered it…and you were then screwed, it was a bad strategic plan. 293 more words


An Artefact only two days old

This will be quite a quick post by my standards, just to show my completely finished medal pieces for the formative assessment.

Hopefully I would have found a way of defining the words on the medals, because otherwise they are quite indistinct. 614 more words


My theory was right!

It was the colour contrast between the top surface and the engraved surface! By painting the reassesses of the code black, and the top surface a white or even a cream colour, the QR code is read correctly every single time. 519 more words


Boost your quality management system with workflow-to-go®

Does your organisation have a Quality Management System (QMS)? Yes, it has – a QMS is a system to direct and control an organization with regard to quality… 322 more words

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Does your organisation have a Quality Management System (QMS)? Yes, it has – a QMS is a system to direct and control an organization with regard to quality[i]. Even the smallest organisation has some kind of system that holds the quality of its product realization on the track, although it may be somewhat informal. Quality is believed to have its foundation in processes. So, managing quality is to manage processes, which can be done through policies and procedures described formally.

How does it work?

The workflow-to-go® app fits in with this idea: You can easily model this as a series of steps in a workflow. Each step can display contents, which can be a text document, web page and graphics. It is also possible to define entry fields for scan codes, text, check marks, selection lists, time stamps and text formatting. You activate a workflow by:
  • Scanning a QR-code. The idea it to place it on a physical item – e.g. a vehicle that needs some workflow to be performed. Scanning the QR-code will make the workflow pop up automatically on the mobile device, where workflow-to-go® is installed.
  • Locating a beacon. One or more beacons nearby makes one or more workflows eligible to be executed – e.g. instructions on how to clean a room, because it is not possible to have QR-codes placed in there. Workflow-to-go® is compatible with the iBeacon technology, which is based on Bluetooth.
  • Simply activate the workflow from the app.
Workflow-to-go® does support the concepts of organisation and roles. A workflow can be associated with an organisation and one or more roles. workflow-to-go-screen  

When do you need it?

Indications on the need for workflow-to-go® in your organisation include:
  • When tyranny of stickers has become too extensive. This suggests going to the next quality level: Formalise the stickers that expresses a workflow as series of steps in workflow-to-go®. Information on stickers that documents that something has been carried will be more effectively kept in the workflow-to-go® database.
  • When workflows are associated with a physical entity. This clearly suggests that workflows should be formalized in workflow-to-go®

together with ISO 9001

Workflow-to-go fits into ISO 9001

Having implemented a QMS based on this international standard your organisation is required to:
  • Establish records to provide evidence of conformity to requirements and of the effective operation of the quality management system…. Required records related to workflows can easily be kept with workflow-to-go®. You should compare this to doing the registration of conformity manually. Doing it manually tend to conflict with human nature. With workflow-to-go® getting the working procedure description in hand, carrying it out and making the registrations can be made one uninterrupted workflow: Do things in the presence of the situation!
  • Maintain appropriate records of education, training, skills and experience. In your organisation this could be documenting training workflows. E.g. activating a training workflow by scanning the QR-code on a machine and documenting on the fly during the on-job-training-session.
  • Provide and maintain the infrastructure needed.... In this case workflow-to-go® clearly has a mission. E.g. documenting the maintenance of a physical infrastructure. Furthermore, the GPS-position is registered automatically during the workflow.
  • Plan and develop the processes needed for product realization. This is exactly what workflow-to-go® is for. Traceability from performed workflow to procedure is kept
  • In conjunction with control of production and service provision to control the availability of work instructions, as necessary. Availability of work instructions is exactly one the central points in workflow-to-go®.

Operational excellence

Workflow-to-go® is designed around the idea of operational excellence. We are not going to outline the theory here, but think of performing your organisations processes right, fast and safe. This is the essence and workflow-to-go® is an obvious candidate as the supporting tool in order to achieve operational excellence. Quality management goes hand in hand with it. Iterating the plan-do-check-act process inherent in any QMS is essentially about achieving operational excellence.

Operating platform

The workflow-to-go® app runs on iOS and Android mobile devices. The back office is web based.


  • ISO 9001 : 2008 - Quality management systems – Requirements. Phrases from this International standard appear in italic
  • ISO 9000  : 2006 - Quality management systems – Fundamentals and vocabulary


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Downloading Data Through The Display

HIPAA – the US standard for electronic health care documentation – spends a lot of verbiage and bureaucratese on the security of electronic records, making a clear distinction between the  475 more words

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