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Using pyqtdeploy on MacOS to cross compile a PyQt app for iOS: part 3


This is part three of three parts:

  1. install Qt and Xcode, then test build and deploy an example Qt app for iOS
  2. cross compile static libraries for iOS (using pyqtdeploy.)
  3. 472 more words

Deploying PyQt Python Qt apps cross platform using pyqtdeploy

These are general notes and links for this subject.  In other words, this is a table of contents.  Many links are often specific to a target platform. 210 more words


Using pyqtdeploy0.5 on Linux to cross compile a PyQt app for Android: Part 3


You have:

  1.  set up your dev machine and built static libraries
  2. pyqtdeployed your app so it is ready to deploy

This part discusses:


Localizing (i18n) a PyQt App on OSX using Xcode

INCOMPLETE DRAFT.  I’ve done this process, just haven’t written it up yet.

How to tell Xcode to localize strings in native dialogs of a Qt app. 328 more words