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Quadratic Formulae

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How would you graph?   

Would you factor?  Would you complete the square?  Quadratic Formula?  Are those my only options? 566 more words


Decending powers of x

I was in one of my colleagues lessons this week.and he was teaching the class to expand quadratic brackets. As the lesson went on he noticed that a number of pupils had been writing the X squared term, then the constant term then the X term so he pulled the class together to tell them that conventionally we write quadratic equations in decending powers of x. 156 more words


Nested Expression

Some time ago I decided that I wanted to write a graphic novel. It would be a mixture of mathematics and insane situations with a dash of emotional drama. 328 more words


Polynomials - Finding the factors of quadratic equations

This note is about finding the set of factors in a quadratic function defined as


The factors in is found by using a method of summing the factors in 12 to get 7. 254 more words



Solving for x in an equation where the unknown variable is in indices can be a bit tricky. They may be solved by equalizing the base on both sides of the equation and then deriving quadratic equation out of the indices. 11 more words

Algebra 2 - solving quadratic equations

Q: The length of a rectangle is 4 cm longer than the width. If the rectangle’s area is 45 cm², what is the width?

Answer: 5 cm… 69 more words

ACT Math