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Fall Tartare

I’m a big believer of simple, uncomplicated food. I also love using ingredients that are in season. You use what you have. What could be simpler than that? 220 more words


Recipe Experiment: Miso Soup variation

I love random days off. I know there are probably not a bunch of folks out there that resent having a random Tuesday off, but I just really like it. 283 more words


Whelk and Hard Boiled Quail Egg Salad

By Seth Fera-Schanes

We should add up how many articles I write and mention a farmers market in the city.  I can wait if you would actually like to do that exercise.   320 more words

Seth Fera-Schanes

Ingredient Interview: Quail Eggs

I’m going to be real with you. I wanted to buy a pack of quail eggs from our local Asian market for one reason, pure and simple. 239 more words

Ingredient Interview


Cusco is located on top of the Andes. It’s food markets are top, too. More variety on fresh norishment then you find in the two block wide Whole Foods in NYC. 100 more words


Awful service, Hot room, and Fresh Yummy Fish: Sushi by Yuji

Until a week ago, I never realized why most respectable sushi restaurants did not have clear, floor-to-ceiling windows. Heat. Direct sunlight produces heat. Combine that with a sushi restaurant bare ready for lunch service with a bucket full of just-mixed sushi rice emitting vinegar in the form of steam and you get…A veritable sauna hot-circulating rancid, sour air through the respiratory systems of everyone in it. 1,334 more words


mini eggs, from a quail | at home snapshot

A couple of weeks ago, my brilliant sister brought quail eggs over that she had picked up from an Asian grocer.

This tiny eggs have an incredible speckled pattern, and some even have a blueish tinge inside the shell. Lovely!

- KM

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