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There’s been a covey of Scaled Quail at Fritch Fortress this fall.  I’ve crossed them several times near the amphitheater and unlike the last few times when the weather was very cloudy, this time the light was perfect.   39 more words


La cuina de Catalunya: broiled quail and allioli, in homage to El Taller in Caldes d'Estrac

Now that our big news is out in the open I can return to my previously-scheduled food blabbering. Once again I find myself two months out from our trip to Barcelona and with very few posts capturing all of the amazing food we had this time around, but I hope that a preoccupation with figuring out where we were going to live next was at least a decent reason to be distracted. 983 more words



So tonight, I came home from work to find the birds’ water dispenser frozen solid — tray, reservoir, the whole nine yards — and the quail themselves fluffed up in their pile of shavings, looking pathetic. 202 more words


Spaghetti Squash

What is this?

Nope, don’t like it!

Oh wait! Sequoia is eating it. I like it now!

Cleaning up the scraps.

Animal Encounters at Abbott's Lagoon

Although I mentioned great animal sightings in my last post, I didn’t explain them. That’s because they are cool enough to deserve their own post. First up: this adorable quail that got separated from its flock and hid in the bushes, … 112 more words

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