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Last night, I messaged a man on one of the dating sites. His profile was cute, funny and I found myself smiling and laughing as I read it. 475 more words

Qualities People With High Self-esteem Have

  1. Have confidence in their own abilities (they believe in themselves)
  2. Don’t need to be right (they can admit when they are wrong and don’t take this as a blow to their self-esteem)
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High Self-esteem

The Divided Self

Following my previous entry – A Craving for Company - in which I touched upon the concept of an outer and inner self, I found myself analysing the ways in which we often convey an ideal image of how we  1,364 more words


Top 5 Qualities

The Attraction of Self

What Are Your Top 5 Qualities? Those qualities that are attractive to you and your sense of self. Those qualities that you love about yourself! 404 more words



I have never really considered myself to be an assertive person, and I would describe myself to be more accepting than I am assertive. Before I explain, I want to note that assertive means… 938 more words

2 Peter 1:8 gw

If we have the qualities that are in the previous verses, 5-7,
and we develop and use them
 we will be like a glass
that is always being refilled and is never empty.
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Religion And Spirituality

The Baby in its Universe during Pregnancy

It is important that the mother, the couple and everyone in the immediate environment of the child becomes aware of the quality of peripheral stimuli which is found not just in their words and caresses or the way they feed the child but also in their…

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