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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Most people on this beautiful Earth are blessed with many qualities, both good and bad. I say most people because there are a handful out there that seem to be made of nothing but nastiness, like people who shoot up elementary schools or bomb entire nations. 195 more words

My Thoughts

10 Qualities of Potential Entrepreneurs

  1. Committed – They have made a decision to pursue a dream and/or passion and will let nothing stand in their way.
  2. Confident – They believe in their ability to accomplish their dream and/or passion, despite the naysayers.
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How others view you...

Lately I’ve realized that others don’t always view you as the person you truly are. It almost seems as if once people see the bad side of you, they’re never really able to see the good qualities you have again. 618 more words


What do I want in my other...

Since my most recent “break-up” (you can hardly call it that…relationships don’t last 5 days! Flings do!) I’ve really tried to think about what went wrong. 358 more words



Dear God

Can you bring me a man who is tall and fit, who is handsome, who loves me very much and appreciate my personality and woman features, who is calm and patience, loving and caring, who find my girly womanly habits cute and lovely, who laughs and says I am cute when I am upset or being annoying, who takes time to enjoy intimacy, eyes gazing, sweet nothing, cuddling, non-sexual touches, who loves sex as much as I do, who would have amazing sexual connection in bed with me, who is wild and free and not afraid to be in charge, who is a good listener and not afraid to express his feelings, who is understanding and supportive when I am down, who lives life spontaneously and positively, who is intelligent and humorous, who is aware of his body, energy, and movements, who is conscious and reflective about himself and the world around him, who isn’t bounded by social status, materialism, or any norms, who wants me as a companion in his life, who wants to share his time and grow with me, who appreciates loyalty, who knows what he wants in life. 465 more words


Why I used to want to be a cow when I grew up

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be lots of things. Some were downright self-destructive, others more optimistic. But my most common ambition was to go to Cow College. 384 more words

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