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7 Must Have Qualities of a Successful Freelancer

Freelancing can be an empowering and liberating profession or a frustrating foray into your own shoddy work habits. If you are considering switching careers for the freedom that a freelancer has, or are seeking to build your resume through freelance work, or even looking to higher a freelancer in some capacity, there are seven very important qualities that you should look for. 618 more words


What to look for in a wife

Normally, when people ask me what is my ideal woman, I go to Proverbs 31. It’s a long list of what an ideal woman is. More than looking for an ideal woman, I think the best thing to do is stop searching for the right one, instead, be right one for her. 162 more words

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What is Beauty?

Beauty is the combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

Beauty is extremely subjective. I mean what I find beautiful might be different to someone else. 160 more words



How often do you admire and envy another?

a LOOK — a stunning PHYSIQUE—or merely an ITEM…a THING? —
A special something that you too would like to have and enjoy? 144 more words


What to look for in a husband

A classmate asked me once what should be the requirement for a Biblical husband. I responded by answering, check Daniel 1:4.Read it until you know it’s time to stop. 367 more words

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Of qualities, to like or to dislike - Guest post by Poonam

It is a mean feat to achieve, to accept one’s shortcoming, while it is as easy as pie to point it out to the other person! 66 more words

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Microblog Mondays - Salt & Pepper for me :D

Five years back I noticed a small bunch – made of 10 to 12 hairs – near my forehead on the right side, starting to grey.   119 more words