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all the things you love

all the things you love about your love

are yours

he or she simply reflects your qualities back to you

do you get that

what you love so much about them are in you… 7 more words


The Essential Character of a Leader

Bible Character: Joseph

Essential characteristics are those imperative attributes that make up a leader. It’s not so much the leadership style that you chose to lead with as much as the vital qualities that are the core of the person. 241 more words


Get Into a Success Rut with a Great Routine!

Fall is a terrific time to look at our diet and exercise routines. When we talk about routine, we often use the word negatively, as if having a routine is some how “bad.”  Routines are not bad things; routines provide comfort and stability. 190 more words

“Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone’s bad qualities because they somehow complete you.”
― Sarah Dessen


Here and there - Part 2

Person 1 : Hey…what’s for lunch today??

Person 2 : What else…sambar and rice. Today is Friday na…

Person 3 : Why that menu for every Friday ??

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My Opinions


So lately I’ve been told that if i sit down and take the time to write a list of the qualities i want in my future husband, then when the time is right, he will come. 73 more words


5 Must-Have Qualities of Employees and Job Seekers

Are you a good team player? Are you able to effectively plan and prioritize work? Do you have the skill to make good decisions when placed in a difficult situation? 527 more words