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Love is sublime, not beautiful

Having a girlfriend that I am absolutely in love with and care about a lot had raised a question in me that I want to share. 336 more words


What to Look For in a Husband

This excerpt from the thoughts in my head is in answer to a question posed to me by one of my single friends. I am answering everyone because it is the most important question you ask… what should I look for in a potential husband? 839 more words


What A Girl Wants

My last post got me thinking that if I ever do start dating (…’if‘ being the key word there, still a little too scared to actually consider it, but that’s for another post.) Anyway, if I go on a date, do I even know what I’m looking for? 696 more words


Smart Lighting Solution with Spectral Qualities for a Brighter Home by BETILLON/ DORVAL-BORY

Appartement Spectral is a 20 square meters studio apartment in Levallois, Paris, France. It might seem small but the space’s enough for a young couple with a busy schedule. 18 more words

Example Qualifications

JP Morgan Chase Data Modeler

  • 4+ years working in project teams in self-directed roles
  • data preparation and processing
  • Recent experience
  •  Quantitative Research
  • SQL, Tableu, Spotfire, SAS, R…
  • 28 more words

"Feeling Embarrassed?"

When I feel embarrassed, I instantly realize this is an opportunity to study my ego. For this is the creature who is embarrassed. I jump right on the opportunity, in the moment. 86 more words



     Who am I? Last night I was asking myself who would I be if I wasn’t me? Who would I be if I let go of some of those ideas I’ve believed about myself for a lifetime. 363 more words