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Expectations without Education, Nonexistent

Quality Education Creates Expectations for the Poor and the Overall Economy

by H Mac Wooten

On a recent trip to Lima last week on the day bus, I  again took note of the poverty and living conditions of many here. 753 more words


AIMS continues to push for charter schools, despite the evidence

About a week ago, another Op-ed piece appeared in The Chronicle Herald about the perceived state of education in Nova Scotia. In this one,  recently hired Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) research director, Ben Eisen, touted (in typical AIMS fashion), the glory and joy of charter schools, and how they are not as bad and as detrimental to the public education system as folks like me would have you believe. 919 more words

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End education’s licence raj

Heavy hand of government has killed learning and teaching at all levels 

By Rahul Bajaj and Sanjay Bhargava

The education system in our country is largely dysfunctional, from schools to universities.   842 more words

Child Rights

What do bankers bring to The Great Education Debate?

As I was flipping through The Globe and Mail about a month ago, I came across a rather interesting piece of commentary written by a fellow named… 1,346 more words

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Rachel D’Silva

The Mid- day meal provides free food but often suffers from poor hygiene. Only better cooking, kitchen devices and kitchen infrastructure can reduce the incidences of deaths and sicknesses. 621 more words

Finalizing a case-study document and visiting Petra!

I have only a week left for my internship. Over the past two weeks, I have been finalizing the case studies on education in emergencies I have been harvesting. 647 more words


Opinions Not Worth the Paper They are Printed In

Well, here we go again.

In what seems to be a constant and ongoing barrage, the editors at The Chronicle Herald have published yet another weekend opinion piece that is based on inaccurate information and supposition and which criticizes the education system in Nova Scotia. 1,289 more words

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