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What do bankers bring to The Great Education Debate?

As I was flipping through The Globe and Mail about a month ago, I came across a rather interesting piece of commentary written by a fellow named… 1,346 more words

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Rachel D’Silva

The Mid- day meal provides free food but often suffers from poor hygiene. Only better cooking, kitchen devices and kitchen infrastructure can reduce the incidences of deaths and sicknesses. 621 more words

Finalizing a case-study document and visiting Petra!

I have only a week left for my internship. Over the past two weeks, I have been finalizing the case studies on education in emergencies I have been harvesting. 647 more words


Opinions Not Worth the Paper They are Printed In

Well, here we go again.

In what seems to be a constant and ongoing barrage, the editors at The Chronicle Herald have published yet another weekend opinion piece that is based on inaccurate information and supposition and which criticizes the education system in Nova Scotia. 1,289 more words

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Surette has baseless basis for complaints.

There are few things that one can count on in this life other than death and taxes. However, here in Nova Scotia, there are a number of things we can count on almost as surely. 751 more words

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Universal basic education is the millennium goal everyone forgot

Written by Jeffrey Sachs is director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University in the Washington Post.

“In the fight against extreme poverty, we face a puzzle. 280 more words


Education aid gets children into school but it's not the smartest solution

Written by David Archer, head of programme development at ActionAid on the Guardian’s Poverty Matters blog

“On Thursday, the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) will launch a campaign in Brussels to raise $3.5bn (£2.1bn). 551 more words