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Evolution of the bits

Last week, I had ordered ‘Programming the universe’ by Seth Lloyd. Partly because I have read about him and listened to his online talks earlier, also partly inspired by the reference to him by Scott Aaronson, whose… 522 more words

Atom-Photon 'Switch' Heralds Quantum Networking Advances

Vetting quantum computing “breakthroughs” tends to be, as TIME’s Lev Grossman sagely notes, a bit like quantum computing itself: maybe yes, maybe no, or maybe yes and no simultaneously. 765 more words

From M.I.T.: "New ‘switch’ could power quantum computing"

April 9, 2014
Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office

A light lattice that traps atoms may help scientists build networks of quantum information transmitters. 1,056 more words

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The Computational Infrastructure of Civilization


Technologies may be drivers of change or facilitators of change, the latter employed by the former as the technologies that enable the development of technologies that are drivers of change; that is to say, technologies that are facilitators of change are tools for the technologies that are in the vanguard of economic, social, and political change. 1,588 more words


What do Jeff Bezos, NASA, and the CIA have in common? 9 Ways Quantum Computing and D-Wave Will Change Everything.

For years astronomers have believed that the coldest place in the universe is a massive gas cloud 5,000 light-years from Earth called the Boomerang Nebula, where the temperature hovers at around –458°F, just a whisker above absolute zero. 583 more words