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A Writer's Dilema

Slowly the world resolved itself and Dorothy walked out of the house.  “Crap,” she said, noticing the feet sticking out from underneath the house, “I’m going to need a lawyer.” 183 more words


How to choose your first tarot deck [REDUX!]

This post is a link in a long chain of blogposts all (hopefully) posted today the 23rd of September 2014. Most likely you came to my blog by reading… 1,028 more words


Day 53 - September 22, 2014

Way back on Day 25, I promised to, at some point, hit on just how excited I am that Scott Bakula is returning to television. Today seems like a good day. 429 more words

coping mechanisms

Let me be frank, i do not actually believe that I’m going to ever marry a celebrity.  Far from it, i find it even less likely than ever being able to feel the Spirit again, which is somewhere on the scale of : it-would-take-a-miracle-but-isn’t-impossible and I’m-not-holding-my-breath-and-would-be-extremely-surprised-if-it-happened. 1,067 more words


I love this! Kristin Morelli is hosting another free webinar, this time on wealth!

The other day my friend and mentor (who’s also a multi-millionaire and has built multiple 7 figure brands) Kristin Sweeting Morelli shared with me how… 134 more words

Personal Development

What would you do with your time if you were immortal? - Silver Strife by J. A. Kenney

Read by Charlee Allden

I recently read Silver Strife by J.A. Kenney. My first thought upon reading it was that, if I were immortal, I would NOT want to be spending my time like THAT! 762 more words

Book Talk

10 TV Shows with Controversial Endings that Promised Answers

I wrote this post for BuddyTV on 10 shows that had controversial endings because they promised “answers.”