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Island Desolate

Parallel Universe…possible or not? Quantum leaping or jumping some say they do it, myself I’d like some proof. In the area of the Bermuda Triangle, I will say some strange things have happened there, without adequate explanation as far as I’m concerned. 694 more words

Life Amazing

The Answer to Life's Bewildering Questions

Jim Carrey delivers one of THE most COMPELLING and moving speeches which will answer your most bewildering life’s dilemmas. His poignant words will make you laugh, cry, and leave you deeply inspired: 82 more words


Hmmmmm So I seem to be Time Slipping at Home now too

Well I thought with what little I knew about Time Slipping it was related to the place I was in at the time playing a major role in where I have them but the last three days have proven to me this doesn’t need to be the case as I have had 3 time slip events in my own bedroom and they are so distinctive I will never forget every sensation I felt. 1,405 more words


Small screen to big screen: five TV shows that should be movies

As I have been writing this blog over the last few weeks I keep coming back to my childhood. I am now wondering why there aren’t more remakes of classic TV shows into movies. 980 more words

HI 5

My life is like Quantum Leap

Have you ever seen that show? It’s about a guy who’s transported to different time periods in order to complete some vague mission. The problem is, he never knows what the mission is until he gets there — when he has to figure it out! 54 more words


How can an electron leap between atomic levels without passing through all the space in between?

An electron that is transitioning between two atomic states does not skip any intervening space. The idea of a quantum leap is highly misleading and commonly misunderstood. 982 more words