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How The Laws Of Physics Allow And Even Encourage Teleportation & Time Travel

The freakish nature of quantum physics is perhaps the most difficult to understand set of dynamics in the Universe.  Although we are just beginning to scratch at the lower slopes of this mysterious realm, physicists are discovering more and more mindblowing theories with each passing week. 244 more words


Quantum Worldview

I have always loved the kind of science fiction where you think about a world that is largely like our own, but in some fundamental way different. 707 more words



Science is cool and it makes me anxious. I’m very troubled by these things. Not many people care about science and that is even more troubling. 2,343 more words


Imitation of Life

Recently, my wife and I have decided to transition towards vegetarianism. For me, this is partly driven by meat heavy Czech dishes, like roasted pork, grilled duck and pork liver that make me wish I had just ordered a salad. 1,334 more words

Quantum turbulence: New key to unlocking the mysteries of physics?

The recent discovery of the Higgs boson has confirmed theories about the origin of mass and, with it, offered the potential to explain other scientific mysteries. 98 more words

Quantum Mechanics

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 (XBOX 360)

After the stomach-churning finale of Burial at Sea’s first episode, the story in now continuing through the eyes of Elizabeth, and with a new aim and a new debt to pay. 722 more words