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Why is there something rather than nothing? Why would there be nothing?

Amanda Gefter has an interesting article at Nautilus looking at a somewhat perennial question: How can something come from nothing? The Bridge From Nowhere – Issue 16: Nothingness – Nautilus… 650 more words


Simulation Shows Time Travel Is Possible

Australian scientists created a computer simulation in which quantum particles can move back in time. This might confirm the possibility of time travel on a quantum level… 300 more words

From Quanta: "At Multiverse Impasse, a New Theory of Scale"

Quanta Magazine

August 18, 2014
Natalie Wolchover

Mass and length may not be fundamental properties of nature, according to new ideas bubbling out of the multiverse. 2,346 more words

Basic Research

Do The Greatest Scientists Think Like Artists?

The Greatest Scientists Are Artists As Well

That’s not my quote, although I’ve said it many times.   It’s by noted physicist and all-round big brain,  261 more words

Newsletter 8: Our Stories Part 2

What’s Your Story ?

I have recently begun reading Greg Kuhn’s latest book “Why Quantum Physicists Play Grow a Greater You”, and I was inspired to further explore a subject I had initially addressed in… 812 more words


Are Van der Waals interactions holding asteroids together?

A recent post of Derek’s concerned the very weak (high kD) but very important interactions of proteins within our cells. http://pipeline.corante.com/archives/2014/08/14/proteins_grazing_against_proteins.phpAr

Most of this interaction is due to Van der Waals forces — … 721 more words

Chemistry (relatively Pure)

The Bridge From Nowhere

(Nautilus) – Amanda Gefter:

The question of being is the darkest in all philosophy.” So concluded William James in thinking about that most basic of riddles: how did something come from nothing? 75 more words