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Call for Consciousness

It’s documented if you really want to see it. About a century ago in the US a bunch of wealth industrialists and financiers hired some pointy-headed elitists (a think tank) to devise a means for hijacking classical liberal arts education. 438 more words


Information Activist

We could characterize the US Constitution’s 1st Amendment as: freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, freedom to assemble and express your conscience. The convention delegates didn’t use those terms because they were facing contextual problems that seemed more pressing than probing for deeper, underlying principles. 866 more words


Quantum This-n-That

Dear readers: I need to bounce this off you. It assumes a certain amount of knowledge on your part, so don’t be concerned if you think it’s simply over your head. 545 more words


ADD Is a Symptom of Sick Society

The particulars don’t matter. If you start from the wrong place, you can’t get to the truth. We struggle against an entire civilization that builds on the sand of human accomplishment. 885 more words


one river

For the past several weeks my interests have been focused on understanding better how we appear in this world…

How do we, as physical beings, arise in a world that is a dream… 614 more words

The Mind