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Determinism is a Thing of the Past

I used to be a nonbeliever.  I was a nonbeliever for over a half of a century.  Not only that, when you think on everything, cause and effect and the set variables that interfere, there really isn’t any other way to consider faith except to trust everything to what we don’t know.   731 more words


Lesson Learned

The funniest part about falling in love with you, is how much you hurt me after so little time. Second funniest thing, you never actually took the time to fall in love with me, back. 438 more words


Common Patterns of Thinking : A Subjective-Rational Analysis

Modern Neuroscience has had great success in the analysis of the anatomical and physical bases of learning and memory. We make rational judgements based on the information stored in our brains. 880 more words

Pigeon paradox reveals quantum cosmic connections

Pigeon paradox reveals quantum cosmic connections – 30 July 2014 – New Scientist.


30 July 2014

by Anil Ananthaswamy

A thought experiment involving a paradox of pigeons shows a new kind of quantum link that could be happening everywhere in the cosmos, all the time… 278 more words


Thoughts & Movie Review on Luc Besson's, "Lucy"

As promised, I went to go see the movie Lucy after work yesterday. Here are my thoughts.

Lucy is the best movie I’ve seen this year. 471 more words

Theory & Philosophy

The Age of Entanglement: When Quantum Physics Was Reborn

By Louisa Gilder

Synopsis: In The Age of Entanglement, Louisa Gilder brings to life one of the pivotal debates in twentieth century physics. In 1935, Albert Einstein famously showed that, according to the quantum theory, separated particles could act as if intimately connected–a phenomenon which he derisively described as “spooky action at a distance.” In that same year, Erwin Schrödinger christened this correlation “entanglement.” Yet its existence was mostly ignored until 1964, when the Irish physicist John Bell demonstrated just how strange this entanglement really was. 103 more words


What's Behind the Science in Science Fiction Part 5: The Matter - Consciousness Interface

Now we’re getting to the good stuff and I hope you can see why I gave you all that background information leading up to it. In order to fully appreciate something, whether it’s good music or literature, you need a foundation, no matter how rudimentary it may be. 946 more words