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Relativity and Orbital Motion or How to win at the Game of Monopoly Using Special Relativity

The Muon is a small electrically charged particle, much like an electron only more massive.  Muons are especially useful when it comes to testing and measuring the effects of special relativity. 1,559 more words


Why Perspective and Open-Mindedness Matter in Science

Quantum  Mechanics Done Right? – This article in Wired (originally from Quanta) talks about another theory of how quantum mechanics functions. While it seems a dubious theory, I was disappointed to read that others who challenge the orthodoxy of current theory are attacked and denied funding for their ideas. 91 more words

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What's Behind the Science in Science Fiction - Part 4: Light Behaving Badly

Last time covered how sometimes light behaves like a particle and others like a wave along with how the double-slit experiment was used to demonstrate these properties. 816 more words


Wednesday Woo and Wondering

I continue (to the minds of some folks) to abuse science for my own purposes of attempting to understand my world, my life, my experiences.  It is rather nice to find that there are some scientists out there “abusing” with… 811 more words

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