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Quantum Worldview

I have always loved the kind of science fiction where you think about a world that is largely like our own, but in some fundamental way different. 707 more words



the bumble bee –
mid-air freeze
and hummingbird,
tacked into the sky
my walk, molasses-like
and air thick, too cool
i’ve stepped between
the seconds of time… 26 more words



time, that illusion
it’s cousin – motion
neither exists
beyond human eyes
– all is static
never changing
just a unified field
and universal… 8 more words


Why do quantum effects only happen on the atomic scale?

Quantum effects are not only confined to the atomic scale. There are several examples of macroscopic quantum behavior. Quantum physics describes matter and energy as quantum wavefunctions, which sometimes act like waves and sometimes act like particles, but in reality are… 937 more words


Optical Quantum DVDR DL Double Layer Logo Top Spindle

Hard disk spindle motor is the built-in component that rotates the platters. Since hard disk is made to operate for hours, it must provide consistent and stable turning power continuously, without which hard disk platters will seize. 270 more words

Feynman Path Integral

Exploring Quantum Physics – Week 2, Lecture 3

Developed in Feynman’s 1948 paper: Space-Time Approach to Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics


For a particle traveling from a coordinate… 228 more words


Quantum Philosophy (1 of x)

(Extract from pMYRIAD).

The value of x = 1 or the value of x =0. While it does not the value of x is in superimposition and is not in superimposition for superimposition means only the value of x = 1 or the value of x = 0.   154 more words