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What I would have advised my 20 year old self

Months after celebrating my 25th birthday, I find myself often lost in thoughts, appalled by how much I have grown and changed yet overwhelmed by the daunting challenge of accepting that yes, I AM NOW AN ADULT. 351 more words


What do you desire?

If money were no object, what do you desire?

One year ago, feeling disillusioned and dissatisfied about where my work career was heading, my friend showed me this video which articulated everything I had running through my mind.   317 more words


The Almost Quarter Life of Eve

I’m starting a new series which is going to be based entirely on dialogue. The story shall develop over the coming weeks, each post being a dialogue between two or three people at most, each featuring the main character called Eve. 305 more words


Why are you here?

This was a question thrown at a group of young changemakers from all over East Asia and the Pacific. “Why has God chosen you and not your brother, sister or your friend? 185 more words


I've made a huge mistake...

It’s May 25th.  I’ve been out of work for exactly one month now.  Which isn’t fun.  For one thing, it happened abruptly and unexpectedly, and now I’m having to pay rent for an apartment that I moved into  513 more words