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Make it last, make it last.  You, me together.  Make it last, make it last.  Now, forever, now start.  One second, two seconds, I reckon, we’ll have a blast.

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whatever will be, will be

Some stories don’t have a beautiful beginning, or an end; sometimes a  beautiful road doesn’t start with a clear sign of what we are going to perceive there. 145 more words


Que Sera Sera: Transfer Day!

When I grew up and fell in love, I asked my sweetheart. What lies ahead? Will we have rainbows day after day? Here’s what my sweetheart said… Que sera, sera.

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Song of the day: 14 November 2014

An golden oldie today! Alfred Hitchcock made the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much, starring James Stewart and Doris Day, in 1956. Of course he needed a title song, which was written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans. 48 more words

Song Of The Day

Egg Collection

Lying awake in my hospital room,  Silas Creek parkway is my only view  and the doctor just came by and told me the news. I need a second opinion, I don’t believe that it’s true.

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Que sera, sera

Today, on 11/11, almost nine years (and ~30 revisions) after the first draft was written, my debut, OR NOT TO BE, is released!


Shot out into the ether and spewed with ink onto paper like a rocket is propelled by the rapidly expanding hot gases generated by combusting hydrazine. 213 more words