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Will I Be Pretty?

In my senior year of high school I enrolled in a creative writing course. I remember it fondly, being one of those beautiful few classes where the teacher is so passionate about the subject it makes you feel the same way. 226 more words


Que Sera Sera - What Will Be, Will Be

I love music from the 40’s and 50’s. One of my favorite songs, is called “Que Sera, Sera,” and if you haven’t heard it, I’ve attached a link for your convenience below. 565 more words


Winter Rain (a Summer Rain remix)

And in my dreams,
you’re alive and you’re crying,
because maybe there are two sides
to every story but not necessarily
a winner.

And maybe the protagonist is still standing… 69 more words


Que Sera Sera

“Que sera, sera/Whatever will be, will be/The future’s not ours to see/Que sera, sera/What will be, will be”

There is an old adage: the only thing that is predictable in life is death and taxes.

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Que Sera Sera

Well, I was hoping to make updates every day but the last couple of days have been super busy and I haven’t even gotten home until after 8/9 pm. 373 more words


♪♫ Que Sera Sera, the PL is responsible for all the platoon does or fails to do, whatever will be, will be ♪♫

One of the unique facets of Army leadership is the concept of the leader being responsible for “all the x-element does or fails to do.” It’s an incredible level of responsibility, and it essentially applies to every echelon (i.e.; the Team Leader is responsible for all his team does or fails to do, Company Commander, Battalion Commander, etc.). 432 more words


The inner workings of the brand new me.

Hey folks I’ve missed quite a few days 4 to be precise. So I will give 4 positive words /compliments. I am encouraging…most of the times to others their dreams,wishes, and wants. 218 more words