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Former Quebecor Media president running for PQ (Toronto Star)

By Alex Ballingall

March 9, 2014

MONTREAL—He built an empire. Now he wants to break a country.

Pierre Karl Péladeau, a Canadian media industry titan whose Quebecor Inc. 127 more words

Quebec Election 2014: Local media call early win for Liberals

TORONTO -  As the polls closed across Quebec at 8 p.m. ET, it took less than half an hour for the province’s largest broadcasters to… 319 more words


Interview with Pierre Chénier, Leader of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec

The role of the “major parties,” of diversionary and the real issues, and how to intervene in this election

To inform readers that there is a real alternative in the Quebec election, we are providing information on the stand and views of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ), which is presenting 24 candidates in the April 7 Quebec elections in the following regions: the National Capital, Mauricie, Montérégie, Montréal and the Outaouais.  2,137 more words


• A survey of 397 Quebec journalists, commissioned by Quebec’s press council and obtained by Le Devoir, raises troubling questions about the state of journalism in Quebec. 316 more words


Débat #2: Pauline Marois presque éjectée: vidéo

Débat #2: Pauline Marois presque éjectée
Le deuxième et dernier débat des élections du Québec a été embourbée dans la politique partisane.

En premier lieu, la population Anglophone en entire a été exclue étant donné que le débat a été mené 100% en Français pour Pauline Marois une unilingue. 92 more words

PKP The Sarah Palin Of PQ

The PQ wants their own country, even if that country sucks.

Polls in Quebec show the provincial Liberals rising in popularity since media tycoon Pierre Karl Péladeau was recruited into the Parti Québécois and turned election talk away from the economy, toward the largely unpopular prospect of another referendum on Quebec sovereignty.  350 more words

At A Glance

Dan Delmar: The Parti Québécois’ shadow media empire | National Post

The points on Quebecor’s role in identity politics are interesting:

“Some people sell cheap perfume,” the National Post’s Andrew Coyne wrote this week. “Mr. Péladeau is in the cheap-emotion end of things, peddling different brands of phony outrage to different audiences.”

157 more words