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The Mystery of Sir Walter Raleigh's House in Blackwall

Walter Raleigh’s House in Blackwall in 1873

Anyone who has done any historical research usually comes across items that many people believe to be the truth but there is often very flimsy evidence on which to base that assumption. 560 more words

Human Life

The Power of the Pout

I would like to take a moment to thank the Sumerians for taking the time to use henna and even seaweed as the creation of lipstick. 368 more words


In the Tudor period there were two ways of making coins:  hammering and milling, a newer method that was introduced in the reign of Elizabeth I. 552 more words


NEW BLOG POST: An Excerpt from "She Was Nice to Mice"

My son and I have just finished the wonderful book, “She Was Nice to Mice” by Alexandra Sheedy (aka Ally Sheedy). Not only is it a great story but it added a little British history as well. 471 more words

“All London did eat and drink and made merry” (Henry Machyn, 1558)

November 17th –  On this day in 1558, Henry Machyn (see also March 17th posting, entitled “Life and death in Tudor London”) wrote in his diary: 101 more words

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Dan Brown rocked the world in 2006 with his theory of the lineage of Jesus Christ in The Da Vinci Code. It was one of those books that caught like wild fire and left people either outraged or completely fascinated. 438 more words

Dan Brown

Kenilworth Castle, England

Kenilworth Castle, England

Ah, Kenilworth. This is one of England’s most dramatic ruins. In fact, historian Anthony Emery describes it as “the finest surviving example of a semi-royal palace of the later middle ages.” which one must admit is pretty impressive. 178 more words