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Demons Rarely Want to Be Demons

My demons of self-loathing and rage need conquering, integrating. Fighting them isn’t the point, won’t work. They need to be understood, defanged, resolved.

I was raised to view all mistakes as catastrophic, as personal failures, as huge things that endangered the future. 606 more words


Filler & Fillings

This has been a ridiculously busy week, leaving me only about five minutes of blog-time, so you get recycled material this week.

One evening a couple of years ago my frighteningly imaginative friend Bill sent me a series of text messages from the dentist’s chair. 256 more words


Am I falling? (Dani's POV)

I stared at the ceiling of my little apartment. Sheldon was perched happily on my stomach as I lay across the couch. His warmth and purring acted like a hypnotic beam, convincing me to keep petting him. 1,102 more words

Gen. Story

Romantic December

Composed or happening at some point this month: 36 more words