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Harlequin master of hilarity,
Pleases the Queen of Hearts’ court.
As cardstock servants are beheaded,
He guffaws at the kills, bringing him morbid thrills;
Makes daily protocol jokes while he skips about… 8 more words

Off With Their Heads!: The 2nd Generation

Halloween has always been a fun time of year for me. I love the feeling of autumn. I can’t place a name on it. The smell, the slight chill in the air. 576 more words

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Theme

Hey Everyone,

So with Halloween right around the corner I wanted to show everyone my Halloween costume- The Queen of Hearts <3

I basically did my costume using some simple and affordable supplies. 340 more words


We're all Mad here

It was a cold All Hallow’s Eve in Wonderland when the Queen of Hearts invited the Mad Hatter over for some tea and biscuits… 142 more words


Please Stay Awhile

We’re meant to use this blog to track our novel progress, but also to talk about things that inspire us and that push us to wake up in the morning. 289 more words

About Me

How is Alice in Wonderland a movie for kids?

I’m not what you would call a prudish parent. I definitely wouldn’t fall too much on the liberal side either. But when I was watching Alice in Wonderland yesterday, I kept thinking to myself ‘how is this a kids movie?!?’ First of all, the heroine is a young girl who is more focused on dreaming of a world of absurdity than paying attention to her studies. 331 more words