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This morning was foggy and cold. I meditated briefly before taking a shower. I should have meditated longer. My mood was just like the astrological weather, Mars cold in the fog who knows where doing who knows what for no reason conjunct Neptune in Pisces. 338 more words

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Muddy Legs

I have several of the Lark 500 series of books that show wonderful photographs of handmade things. While looking through a Lark book on 1000 handmade glass beads, I got a bit sad remembering all my beading projects and necklaces that I haven’t touched for two or three years. 210 more words

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Queen of Wands: A fire sign woman may be of significance today. She will offer good advice or help you in some way. You could find yourself in the role of teacher or as a leader and will find this comes naturally to you. 19 more words


December 29, 2014 ~ January 2, 2015

Monday, Dec. 29
Queen of Wands/Crosses
If you’re feeling low today, the Queen reminds us that no matter what conditions you’re in, you are still a Queen. 213 more words

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Queen of Wands - Strong & Independent Leader

The queen  of wands depending on the tarot deck is a court card.  Court cards are part of the minor arcana and can be very difficult to decipher as they can represent many things such as personality traits of the querent,  the person the querent is inquiring about, various situations, and the elements of their suit. 148 more words

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In Focus: Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands stands with a burst of sunlight behind her. Is it coming up or is it going down? With her is her cat, which I believe links her to the  483 more words

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