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The Queen of Wands

The queen of wands, sometimes known as the Sunflower Queen, sits comfortably on her throne that is decorated with figures of lions (Leo, fire, management) and rests her wand on the base of her throne, holding it steady in her right hand.   341 more words


The Daily Question - the Mom Version

When I was really young in the tarot world and started pulling one card each morning for myself to intepret it was first very exciting. What card would I pull? 580 more words


Peel Me a Grape, Crush Me a Virus

WOMAN OF POETRY (Queen of Wands)

“To go forth to the Great Harvest & Vintage of the Nations”

Standing in between the grain and grape of the “Harvest and Vintage” of the quotation, it is as if her energy, her waving of arms has made them fruitful. 82 more words

Tarot - General

Your Cards - September 8th - 14th

Here are your cards for the week of September 8th – 14th.

This week’s trio begins with upheaval.

The young man in the 3 of Swords… 556 more words

Your Cards

Tackles and Swords


Rev Queen of Wands
VIII Penta
Ace of Cups
II Swords

Okay, okay. Moon child. To focus on the craft without getting all emotional about it. 718 more words


Tarotbytes: Queen of Wands

If creating something brings you a little pleasure and happiness, then that is reason enough to do it.

If it brings enjoyment to others, that is frosting on the cake. 70 more words


The Moon Day Forecast, 8/11/14

Hey there bitches!! The Forecast is a little late today, had to handle some regular life business, but better late than never!

Last night was the last Super Moon of the Summer. 472 more words

The Be Wary, Bitches! Moon Day Forecast