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365 Project - Day 348

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree.

Evergreen conifers to celebrate Christmas have been popular in Germany since the 15th and 16th century; evergreen wreaths and boughs were used by the Egyptians, Chinese and Hebrews going back to pagan times. 178 more words

365 Project

Trees, Traditions and Truth

I love Christmas trees.

I love the way real ones make everything smell woodsy. I love how they add a seasonal bling with lights and baubles. 545 more words

SHOCKINGLY Festive!:The History Of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights have always been a part of the tradition of decorating for the holidays for many, many years, beginning in 18th century Germany, where upper-class homes adopted the Christmas tree, and occasionally decorated with candles, in which they were glued to a tree branch by the wax of the candle that had melted; But some people would have those candles attached with pins.(Now, if you put candles on a certain Christmas tree today, that would certainly cause a REAL fire hazard!) With the introduction of electrification, early electric Christmas lights made their debut in the 1880s, while the illuminated Christmas tree was established in the United Kingdom during the reign of… 195 more words


Victoria's Secret

Splendidly-named builder Dwalin Forkbeard has constructed a sweet Victorian ride. His steampunk Henderson motorcycle (a company that actually started production very shortly after the Victorian era) can be viewed on Flickr, and we’re pleased because it’s allowed us to make a tenuous link to an underwear company that we had to Google purely in the name of research. 16 more words


Special Delivery from Buckingham Palace

When I first began writing the The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore set in London, I had fun in the research process. I went to the Buckingham Palace… 363 more words

Book Research

A List of Biographies You Should Read

Last month I posted about a biography of Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold, noting that it had closed a gap that I had in my knowledge of English Royals. 1,031 more words

Pregnancy in the Victorian Era: a Steampunk Feminist Perspective

The biggest ‘problem’ with being pregnant in the Victorian era was the obvious implication that the woman had engaged in sex. So being pregnant wasn’t something you announced, and certainly wasn’t something discussed in mixed company.  509 more words