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Queen of Kwanzaa

The winter solstice will be coming up in about a month, so I decided to get into the holiday mood by giving this Egyptian queen a Kwanzaa-inspired color scheme. Happy Holidays!


Timeless Classic Of The Day

Love One Another by Amber

This song is early 2000’s, almost 15 years ago so I think it qualify as “timeless classic”. With all the current racial issues in the news, and all other type of discrimination, songs like this one are always good to play on repeat to remind all that we are ALL THE SAME. 23 more words

Returning Home

Cat Castle

On the old-aged mountain,

Overseeing the realms,

Protected by loyal claw,

Köstebek on the front line.

As I approach the fortress… 16 more words

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In 1839 Samuel Cunard produced The British and North American Steam Packet Company, recognized as the Cunard Line, to provide Royal Mail to Canada and the U.S. 385 more words

Food, glorious food

I have a memory of looking in the mirror one day and seeing a puffed up face and dry hair around it. It must be me, because I’m the one looking in the mirror, I thought. 817 more words

Convenient Z by Malouf Shredded Talalay Latex with Gelled

What is Latex? Why are latex mattresses so very good? What other complements make a latex mattress far more comfortable? Are there latex pillows? Which affect on my health and wellness will a latex mattress offer me? 281 more words

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Determine If You Need A New Mattress. A single issue with which we are constantly approached is, “How do I know if I require a new mattress?” The answer is not always an straightforward 1 to answer. 348 more words