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Michael Stipe On 20 Years Of Being Out

  • “In 1994, most people had a largely binary perception of sexuality – the message was complicated for them. I am thrilled to see how much this has changed in those 20 years.
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Homosexuality in the Pagan World

The pagan world considered sexual relations between men as an integral part of a sexuality which not only did not rule out relationships with women, but considered them necessary and dutiful (as well as desirable). 11 more words



“Homosexuality is regarded as shameful by barbarians and by those who live under despotic governments just as philosophy is regarded as shameful by them, because it is apparently not in the interest of such rulers to have great ideas engendered in their subjects, or powerful friendships or passionate love-all of which homosexuality is particularly apt to produce.”


Tom of Finland Stamps

This is a little old, but Finland has got legit stamps w/ Woo-Woo Tom art on them. Fun to annoy your family (and Russians!) with. 17 more words

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