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The truth about me

I’m using this anonymous blog to put out a little known truth about me. I’m a happily married man, but I’m also queer. Not gay, not straight, but probably a little of each. 277 more words


Gay Life in Brazil: Kennedy Santana Interview

As you have no doubt seen from my Twitter account (and if you haven’t, need to be following me!), I’ve been working on a series to highlight the perspectives of gay and bisexual men in Brazil, specifically the Northeast region. 135 more words


How does blogging work?: SJWs and Leelah Alcorn

I consider myself pretty vocal about my thoughts and feelings when it comes to my social media presence, but lately I’ve been hesitant to post on my Facebook about certain things that have been going in on the news. 1,042 more words


All the Words You've Heard but Don't Understand; A Guide to the Queer Language

This is serving as an informational post covering all the new words we’ve added to our language to describe sexual and romantic orientation and gender (which is different from sex). 497 more words



This song reminds me of my halcyon days of bloodlust now gone. At the time it fit my darling Fairy Godfather Drag Queens to a tee, it still does, but it also seems to have become a representation of my genderqueer orientation. 313 more words