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Cartoon From a Student

A student at senior yoga at the Center on Halsted drew this picture of me. Had to share. It’s basically a photograph, amiright?!?

She asked me to clarify that she did not draw the hands – they are from google.


Sorry Not Sorry: Why Is MTV Mocking GLBT Youth Culture?

Umm, can this new MTV show, ‘Faking It,’ just not exist already? The story is about two girls who are mistakenly “outted” as lesbians in this high school, yet play along with the notion as a means to become popular. 602 more words

Faking It

"The Pain is Never Just Ours"

(Lola Fadulu) – Like many, I have bouts of apathy and overwhelming sadness. To combat these feelings, I used to binge eat and sleep (sometimes I still do). 673 more words

Thank you, Kripalu, for supporting yoga in the LGBTQ community

As you may know, I’ve been honored to teach Gentle Yoga for Seniors at the LGBTQ community center, the Center on Halsted since last June. My first class, at 9am on a Tuesday, had 5 attendees in a small carpeted conference room. 347 more words


You Think I'm Pretty With My No-Makeup Makeup Look On

(Anna Seward)—“It’s easy for you, when you wake up you don’t have to do your makeup and your hair. You can just walk right out the door.” 1,064 more words


I'm a Bookslut Now!

So you may have noticed the widget that appeared over there —> a while ago where I happily identify myself as a contributor for  Insatiable Booksluts… 196 more words


Reflecting On My Experience at the 2014 YBGLI Policy & Advocacy Summit and National Youth HIV/AIDS Day

This time last Wednesday, April 2nd I was on my way to Bradley International Airport to fly to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the 2014 Young Black Gay Mens Leadership Initiative Policy & Advocacy Summit. 1,716 more words