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This song reminds me of my halcyon days of bloodlust now gone. At the time it fit my darling Fairy Godfather Drag Queens to a tee, it still does, but it also seems to have become a representation of my genderqueer orientation. 313 more words


Why Khaled Likes to Sleep Face-down: Queerness and Political Participation in Egypt

About a week ago, Egyptian actor-turned-political activist Khaled Abu-ElNaga publicly condemned military operations taking place in Sinai at the moment (aka Egypt’s ‘war on terror’) for their blatant disregard for the rights of the governorate’s residents, according to Khaled. 1,193 more words


Sexually Deviant Brigades

In a 2014 impromptu 1-minute interview with Sheikh Mazhar Shaheen, a prominent Egyptian Islamic preacher,  regarding the -reportedly admirable- efforts of Egyptian security forces in taking down a militant Islamic group that goes by the name of ‘The Helwan Brigades’ (HB), Shaheen dedicates about 50-60% of his interview time to revealing an “eye-catching” factoid about the HB leader’s sexual orientation. 1,182 more words


When the Moment is Just Right, You'll See Fire in Their Eyes

Idag har varit lite speciell. En vanlig torsdag skulle jag ha gått med den yngsta till skolan på morgonen, men eftersom idag var valdag agerade hens skola vallokal och därför hade hen ingen skola. 272 more words

Au Pair


Lyle’s disastrous second roommate had come from the biking crowd. She was a criterium racer from Kentucky named Brigitte Rohannon. Lyle himself had been a wannabe criterium racer for a while, before he’d blown out a kidney on steroids. 153 more words