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The Dawning of a new Dream, UPDATE*

It’s been well over 5 months since I released my collection of poetry. It’s also been over 9 months since my failed moved to sunny California and while I did dip into depression and eventually found new meaning in my life, there is still much left to be wanted and said about what happened last summer. 156 more words


Queer Artist Steph Barrak and My Girlfriends Birthday!

Hey everyone, this weekend my college brought Steph Barrak to perform. It was a small and intimate gathering, but it was really fantastic. It was really great to be able to talk to her before and after the performance. 305 more words

Whut Beauty: The Photo Diary of John Arsenault

Photographs by John Arsenault

Dear John Arsenault,

Say what you will about Facebook, but sometimes it can be such a great tool for discovery. Just the other day, I was sifting through the vast stream of Gay shirtless pics, life-is-glamourous-I’m-somewhere-expensive status updates, and countless Buzzfeed GIF-list posts and I came across, as if by miracle, one of your images. 67 more words