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Love Has Reasons: Now in Paperback!

As you know (or as the name “Mister Stewardess” will tell you), I work in a customer service-intensive job. The epic, childish fight over To Recline or Not To Recline even ascended to the level of national news last week — I certainly understand the impulse to haul off and smack somebody upside the head with a rolled up USA Today or a book. 157 more words

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Love Substitutes

This week we interviewed the fabulous Kirsty Logan about her book ‘The Rental Heart’, her experiences being a queer author writing queer stories, and what the road to… 6,971 more words


A Conversation with Ethan Day and Geoffrey Knight

Ethan Day and Geoffrey Knight are authors and, as of a year ago in April, the publishers of Wilde City Press.  Ethan, a resident of Missouri, is the author of books such as… 3,659 more words

Six questions with Vivek Shraya

Toronto-based Vivek Shraya is a creative chameleon, garnering critical acclaim and success as a musician, writer, performer, and filmmaker. I had the chance to read with Vivek recently… 950 more words



I finally got around to posting a sample of my academic work over at Academia.edu. The paper is “I Like Detectiving Almost as Much as Writing:” Detectives Gertrude Stein and Alice B. 212 more words

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