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the lost art of civil discourse

I am not a crusader. I never have been and I don’t expect I ever will be. I really cannot stand politics and I cannot stand what politics is doing to our country and to my fellow countrymen and women. 901 more words


Straight vs. Queer: The dangers of dichotomy

                I just finished reading an article the other day called “Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens” written by Cathy J. Cohen.  The main premise of the article is to argue that one of the greatest failings of queer theory politics is that it creates this dichotomy between heterosexuals and queer persons, and does not take into account the other identities that members of both groups have.  580 more words

Heteronormativity: to destruct or destabilize?

Heteronormativity, a term popularized just over 20 years ago, still remains devoid of most dictionaries. It surprised me to see the red underline signaling a misspelling when I typed this. 599 more words

Anti-Homosexuality Bills are Actually Anti-Western Bills

Barack Obama a few hours ago condemned the soon to be Ugandan law, which would criminalize homosexuality further in Uganda. The private member’s bill, originally introduced by Member of Parliament David Bahati, prescribes life imprisonment for the offence of homosexuality and “ 959 more words

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