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Escape the Academy: Militancy and the University

I was lucky enough to share a meal a few weeks ago with a current student at my alma mater, who was embroiled this last year in a struggle over gender-neutral bathrooms on campus that received national attention. 1,749 more words


Femme : Sexuality + Fashion + Politics

I have been thinking about the relationship between femininity and sexual objectification as expressed through dress. I’m working out ways to explain my Femme Fashion Politics. 254 more words

BCPs are done, man!


Hopefully, for forever/a good long many years.

I kind of think these ticker things are absurd . . .but also I love countdowns! So, I made this countdown ticket for our FET. 341 more words

A conversation about the dangers of mainstreaming (Part 1 of 2) Cross-post from The Philippine Online Chronicles

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This article is a response to the Bench campaign about #100HappyGays which can be viewed here. I was having a conversation with my friend and I thought it might be nice to write an article about how both of our respective blood pressures went up while reading through the campaign. 762 more words

Nerdy Things

Failing to Ford the River: "Oregon Trail", Same-Sex Marriage Rhetoric, and the Intersections of Anti-Blackness and Settler Colonialism

by T.J. Tallie

On May 19, 2014, U.S. federal judge Michael McShane struck down Oregon’s state ban on same-sex marriage, finding that the law violated the constitutional right to equal protection under the law. 1,893 more words

ABQ Pride 2014

As usual it was mainly a corporate and military lovefest a with a few of us swimming against the current.