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What post-feminism?

At the risk of being a humourless feminist, I am sick of the marginal and flippant role that lesbians are cast in during LGBTQ media.  79 more words

Always Say No to U.S. Bombs

Saffo Papantonopoulou – notably featured in the collection Queering Anarchism – just unfriended me and called me a “fucking stalinist” as the finale for a Facebook argument about the U.S. 121 more words


STIR Journal: How Queer Radicalism and Gay Progressivism Can Meet in the Middle

Check out today’s piece over on STIR!

I always swore I wasn’t going to get married. At first, this may have been compensatory—when I was first coming out in 2005, marriage equality hadn’t reached my home state of New York (or many states at all).

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Gay Marriage